Ventilated Dry Mono Ridge System

  • Suitable for use over profiled (single lap interlocking) tiles and double lap slates.
  • For roof pitches up to 55°.


The system consists of PVCU ventilated battens, filler units, ridge union straps (at ridge tile joints) and fixing kits (aluminium and stainless steel nails and screws) providing a secure mechanical ridge fitting to mono ridge tiles over plain tiles.

Features and benefits:

  • Weathertight.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Compatible with dry hip system.
  • Ventilation opening 5000 mm²/m.
  • Provides 5 mm continuous ventilation along the ridge.

General information







Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_93_29 Dry fixing ridgesPrimary


H60/770 Dry ventilated mono-ridges

H60/775 Dry mono-ridges

H60/80 Dry ventilated mono-ridges

H60/81 Dry mono-ridges

H65/770 Dry ventilated mono-ridges

H65/775 Dry mono-ridges

H65/80 Dry ventilated mono-ridges

H65/81 Dry mono-ridges

Specification data - Dry fixing ridges Enhanced data


Mono ridge ventilated dry fixing kits.

Product Reference

Dry mono ridge system

Ridge batten

High profile batten.

Low profile batten.

Steep pitch (high profile) batten.

Steep pitch (low profile) batten.

Filler units

Profiled tile filler, vented.

Double lap slate filler, vented.

Ridge unions

Segmental mono ridge union.

Fixing kits

Dry ridge top course clip and nail pack Modern/Duo Modern Edgemere/Duo Edgemere.

Ventilation opening

5000 mm²/lin. m.

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