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Underfloor Heating Cable Systems
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Underfloor Heating Cable Systems

In-screed 6 mm heating cable

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Range of underfloor heating cable systems.

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Universal underfloor 3 mm heating cable:

  • Suited to small or complicated areas, where heating mats are difficult to install, and conservatories.

In-screed 6 mm heating cable:

  • Suitable for any situation where a new screed floor is to be laid
  • Suitable for large areas such as warehouses or sports halls.


Underfloor heating system which includes heating cable, thermostat, sensors and thermal insulation board plus accessories.

System includes:

  • Underfloor heating cable.
  • Decoupling membrane for holding the cable in place.
  • A range of thermostats are available including touchscreen, wireless and simple digital controllers.
  • Thermal insulation board (600 x 1200 mm): Consists of a rigid foam core (high density extruded polystyrene) and a cementitious hard coat.

Universal underfloor 3 mm heating cable:

A flexible easy-to-fit 3 mm heating cable designed to provide energy efficient floor warming or a full heating system.

  • When installed at 200 W/m² this system will provide full room heating, even in high heat loss areas e.g. conservatories.
  • When installed at 160 W/m² this system is perfect for floor warming or room heating in standard rooms.
  • Suitable for use under tile and stone.
  • Low build height.
  • The heat output can be altered for individual requirements – outputs from 80–230 W/m² are possible.
  • Quicker to install than some alternative systems.

In-screed 6 mm heating cable:

The 6 mm in-screed heating cable is a robust and cost effective cable designed for new build and major renovation projects, where a 65 mm screed will be laid. The indoor cable will provide energy efficient room heating and floor warming beneath nearly any floor covering. 6 mm cables are fast to install and adds no build height to the construction.

  • Fast to install and cost effective.
  • This cable is only suitable for indoor use. Not UV resistant or suitable for outdoor use.
  • Three-phase systems and bespoke sizes of heating cable are available where required.
  • Alter the distance between heating cables to alter the output.
  • Dual conductor cable design with one connection lead.
  • Supplied with a lifetime warranty.
  • Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document L compliant.
  • Compliant with 18th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations, EN 60335-2-96, EN 60800 M1.
  • Made in Denmark in BEAB Approved Factory.

Decoupling membrane:

Anti-fracture membrane for use with the 3 mm heating cable, usually fixed to the sub-floor with a thin-bed, water-based adhesive. The membrane acts as a holder for the cable, and is especially suited for use under tiles.

The cable will slot into place between the studs, allowing cables to be quickly and evenly spaced where the heat is required most in the room. Heating cables are usually fitted at an output of approximately 150 W/m² by alternating a three stud and five stud spacing on the membrane to provide approximately 11 runs of heating cable per linear metre - consult manufacturer for details.

  • Quick to install with no need for additional fixing materials.
  • The membrane protects the cables during the installation of floor tiles and during trowel work.
  • The output can be altered to ensure heat is concentrated in areas that need it the most.
  • Decoupling membrane is available in 15 m² or 5 m² rolls, and 1 m² panels.
  • An adhesive should be used to fix the membrane to the floor base - consult manufacturer for details.

General information


Pr_70_60_36_27 Electric cable underfloor heating elementsPrimary


T90/475 Underfloor heating systems

T90/475 Underfloor heating systems

Specification data - Electric cable underfloor heating elements Enhanced data


22 W/m.

Maximum load.

Product Reference

Underfloor Heating Cable System

Heating element

In-screed 6 mm heating cable.

Storage system.

Decoupling membrane

Not required.

For 6 mm heating cable.

1 m² panel.

5 m² roll.

15 m² roll.

Power requirement

160 W/m².

200 W/m².

Submit proposals.


Colour touchscreen thermostat.

Manual thermostat.

Programmable thermostat.

Wi-Fi touchscreen thermostat.

Colour/ Finish

Special order.

Insert requirement, a large range of colour/ finish options is available.

Thermal insulation board

Not required.



Not applicable.

6 mm.

3.05 W/m²K U-value.

10 mm.

2.23 W/m²K U-value.

12.5 mm.

1.91 W/m²K U-value.

20 mm.

1.33 W/m²K U-value.

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10 m roll of sealing tape.

120 mm wide. For use with decoupling membrane.

Self-levelling compound.


230 V (±10%).

Ingress protection (IP) rating



120–3530 W.


1.0–28.2 m² at 125 W.

0.7–20.1 m² at 175 W.


Coldtail lead: 2 m double insulated cable.

Cable flexibility: Minimum radius 50 mm.

Cable reinforcement: Fibreglass strands.


6 mm thickness.


Inner insulation: 0.8 mm silicon rubber (2G).

Outer insulation: PVC (105) 90°C.



100% aluminium earth shield.

UV stabilization

Not UV resistant or suitable for outdoor use.


Heat Fix metal bands.


3mm Underfloor Heating Cable Datasheet

3mm Underfloor Heating Cable Datasheet

Underfloor Heating In-screed Cable Datasheet

Underfloor Heating In-screed Cable Datasheet

Heat Mat Product Range Brochure

Heat Mat Product Range Brochure

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