Ultra-sorb® Dispersion Panels

Designed for rapid, drip-free absorption, steam does not condense on downstream devices.


A range of non-pressurized steam dispersion panels.

Features and benefits:

– Ultra-sorb® Model MP:

  • Multi-purpose humidifier dispersion panel for both pressurized and atmospheric steam applications in AHUs or ducts.
  • Disperses steam generated by pressurized steam boilers or by non-pressurized steam generators.
  • Low installation cost.

– Ultra-sorb® Model XV:

  • Vaporizes dispersion-generated condensate and returns pressurized condensate to the boiler without additional pumps, valves, vents, or controls.
  • Most efficient dispersion in the range. 

– Ultra-sorb® Model LV & LH:

  • Most versatile dispersion in the range.
  • Efficient.
  • Low installation cost. 

General information




Dependent on model specified: see description for details.


Stainless steel.


Cylindrical tubes.

Uniclass 2015

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Air volume

Wide steam capacity range, up to 4000 lbs/hr (1815 kg/h), dependent on model specified

  • Ultra-sorb® Model MP: up to 2720 lbs/hr (1235 kg/h).
  • Ultra-sorb® Model XV: up to 2720 lbs/hr (1235 kg/h).
  • Ultra-sorb® Model LV & LH: up to 4000 lbs/hr (1815 kg/h).

Steam source

Pressurized boiler steam or non-pressurized steam.



High-efficiency insulated tubes

Ultra-sorb® Model MP only.

304 stainless steel construction

Ultra-sorb® Model MP only.

316 stainless steel construction

Ultra-sorb® Model LV & LH/ Ultra-sorb® Model XV only.

Seismic certification

Ultra-sorb® Model LV & LH/ Ultra-sorb® Model XV only.

Product Reference

Ultra-sorb® Model LV & LH

Ultra-sorb® Model MP

Ultra-sorb® Model XV

Environmental information

Country of product manufacture

United States

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