UKRS E-Speed


The fast action E-Speed roller shutter model performs the role of two roller shutters offering both security and insulation, with speed and convenience. Made from lightweight, insulated steel and wired up to a control panel enabling the roller shutter to travel up to maximum speeds of 1000 mm/s. Typically the shutters are used in areas concerned about climate control and/ or hygiene such as car garages or food factories. Due to their security properties and rapid closing nature, they can also be used in areas needed to close down quickly such as banks or book keepers.

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Uniclass 2015

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L20/60 Doors

L20/610 Roller shutters/ curtains

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UKRS E-Speed


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Control panel

TS 959

TS 970

TS 971

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WS 900










Opening system

Magnetic detector


Pull chain

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Radio transmitter

Standard product features

Shutter curtain:

Constructed from pre-galvanized material. Ecotech formula foam infill - CFC free/ ODP zero with a low global warming overall ‘U’ value of 4.8 W/m²K. Each panel section is 94 mm deep with multi-ribbed face for rigidity.

End locks:

The curtain when assembled is held in position with purposely-designed injection moulded end fittings, manufactured from hardwearing nylon-6, which sits on the outside of the panels minimizing scuffing and damage.

Bottom seal:

The bottom panel of the shutter is terminated with a specially designed aluminium extruded section complete with interlocking (EPDM) rubber weather seal.


Manufactured from seamless carbon steel tube to BS EN 4760 grade 50C. Size to suit door width and height. Maximum barrel deflection 1:400. Fitted with precision-machined BDMS axles to BS EN 970 EN33.

Main support brackets:

The main support brackets for the barrel and motor unit are manufactured from carbon steel plates of varying thickness and incorporate the necessary fixing positions for securing back to the opening structure.

Vertical side guides:

Formed from pre-galvanized material having a minimum thickness of 2.5 mm, incorporating twin vertical brushes on both inner and outer face of the guide. Brush carrier is constructed from PVC of medium impact strength, finished black and incorporating twin siliconized polypropylene weather strips, these running the full height of the door guide. The guide form is designed to allow reduced working faces and tapered inner faces to provide automatic interlocking/ retaining feature for performance of retention under wind load. Complete with continuous 100 x 65 mm galvanized fixing angle.


Operation via Safedrive® Fi Drive unit with built-on frequency inverter with high precision worm drive gear box with integral safety brake system to British and European standards for industrial doors BS EN 12604. Mechanical aspects and BS EN 12453 safety in use of power operated doors. Drives are designed for a typical door size to have a life of more than 20 000 cycles and for use up to six times per hour. The drive is fitted with low level manual operation in accordance with BS EN 12453 and BS EN 12604 – hand force up to 390 N is permissible for large, heavy doors. Manual operation is only used for closing the door. In case of Safedrive® units fitted with electric brakes, manual operation is carries out against the brake.

Manufacturing standards:

  • Fully CE marked.
  • Mechanical aspects: BS EN 12604, safety in use of power assisted doors.
  • Side guide protection: BS EN 12604-4.5.1 and BS EN 12453-
  • Protection: Against crushing, shearing or drawing in.
  • Electrical safety: Depending on use.
  • Watertightness: To BS EN 12489.
  • Resistance to windload: To BS EN 12444.
  • Thermal resistance: To BS EN 12428.
  • Air permeability: To BS EN 12427.
  • Opto safety edge self-monitoring: To BS EN 12453-
  • Anti-fall back device: To BS EN 12453-
  • Durability of mechanical performance: To BS EN 12635-

Power supply:

230/ 440 V three phase with neutral.

Opening and closing speed:

1000 mm/s, depending on size.

Maximum times/ hour:

45, depending on size.

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