UKRS Curved and Sliding Shutters


FXiGDE sliding shutters offer a flexible security solution for a large variety of openings. They are the best choice for wider openings, work very well in situations with limited headroom.The products have a number of unique benefits. For example, they can be used on curved openings, they are versatile, very easy to maintain, work without a motor, and are very user friendly:

  • Versatility – unlike roller shutters, this product will install into areas with limited headroom, very wide and curved openings.
  • Easy to maintain – as there are very few parts to this product, they are easy to maintain, saving money and time.
  • No motor – manually operated means less can go wrong and cheaper to install.
  • User friendly – can be used by almost anyone with very little training.

General information

Uniclass 2015

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L20/610 Roller shutters/ curtains

L20/612 Roller grilles

Specification data - Roller shutters

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Vision glass

Vision punched

Vision tube and link


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All designs bar the barrier.








Colour/ Finish

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Locking posts

No. 2 post

No. 3 post

No. 4 post

No. 5 post

No. 6 post

No. 7 post

No. 8 post

Standard product features

Track (w x h):

34 x 46 mm, taking 29 mm diameter roller trolleys. The rollers bear on a 7 mm thick aluminium surface within the track. Track curves, where indicated, have a 254 mm or 356 mm radius.


Push or pull, manual.

Product Options


- Barrier:

  • Curtain type: Vertical aluminium rods connected by aluminium plates.
  • Features: Variety of patterns; good balance between security, openness and weight.
  • Weight: 7.3 kg/m².
  • Colours: Clear anodized only.

- Chainlink:

  • Curtain type: Vertical aluminium rods connected by horizontal aluminium spacers.
  • Features: Cost effective, minimum support required, lightweight, very open, excellent airflow.
  • Weight: 5.9 kg/m².
  • Colours: Clear anodized only.

- Solid:

  • Curtain type: Curtain made from opaque solid aluminium panels.
  • Features: Maximum security and privacy.
  • Weight: 12 kg/m².
  • Colours: Standard; clear anodized, Duracron white or black. Optional; almost all RAL colours.
  • Zero visibility.

- Vision glass:

  • Curtain type: Aluminium framed curtain with polycarbonate tempered glass infill panels.
  • Features: Excellent security and visibility.
  • Weight: Polycarbonate - 10.7 kg/m²; tempered glass - 12.2 kg/m².
  • Colours: Standard; clear anodized, Duracron white or black. Optional; almost all RAL colours.
  • With polycarbonate glass as standard.

- Vision punched:

  • Curtain type: Aluminium framed curtain with infill panels punched with round or rectangular holes.
  • Features: Excellent security, good visibility when lit from behind, good airflow.
  • Weight: Aluminium - 10.7 kg/m²; steel - 11.2 kg/m².
  • Colours: Standard; clear anodized, Duracron white or black. Optional; almost all RAL colours.
  • Steel panel for round holes. Aluminium pane for rectangular holes.

- Vision tube and link:

  • Curtain type: Open aluminium panels with vertical aluminium rods and horizontal aluminium spacer plates.
  • Features: Higher level of security, open structure with good visibility and airflow.
  • Weight: 7.3 kg/m².
  • Colours: Standard; clear anodized, Duracron white or black. Optional; almost all RAL colours.
  • Variety of patterns available.


  • Heavy duty top track system for smooth operation - this extends the life of the rollers and shutter, making them very smooth to operate.
  • High strength hangers - posts are suspended from high strength, cold-rolled steel hangers that are highly resistant to metal fatigue.
  • Strong aluminium locking knobs - FXiGDE used heavy-duty aluminium instead of plastic in its locking knobs.
  • Padded lead and end posts - FXiGDE's lead and end posts have special softly padded astrugals that prevent damage to adjacent finished surfaces such as glass or mirror pocket doors and columns.
  • Unique self-adjusting ratchet mechanism - The locking posts have a unique self-adjusting locking rod with six different positions of adjustment to allow for deflections in bulkheads and irregularities in floors.
  • Polished stainless steel floor sockets - floor sockets are manufactured from polished stainless steel and contain a dust cap that protects the spring mechanism underneath.

Mounting options:

FXiGDE sliding shutters are hung from the top via an aluminium track. This track is screwed onto the ceiling structure and can be recessed or left visible.

Locking posts:

Depending on the width of the opening, FXiGDE sliding shutters can come with a choice of locking posts. To get the highest security and maximum ease of use, these posts are integral to the shutter as they slide along with the curtain. Consult manufacturer's literature for details and insert details above.


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