Twinson Fencing


Manufactured using Deceuninck Twinson Terrace, it has the durability and the low maintenance of PVC. Retains its strength and gradually obtains a natural patina due to its exposure to the outside elements, without the need for regular painting or staining.

Deceuninck’s Twinson-based Terrace has all the advantages of tropical hardwood, and more. While tropical hardwood is only available in the threatened rain forests, Twinson is PEFC-certified. This means that the wood used in Twinson comes from managed sustainable forests. Twinson has a long life expectancy, hence the products that contain it guarantees years of quality service. After their usable life, they can be 100% recycled and reused without loss of quality.


  • Boards do not split, splinter or rot, are UV stable and resistant to insects.
  • Twinson is manufactured from wood and PVC. Offers a natural appearance, water resistant, durable and environmentally friendly.
  • Left post to start and right post to end.
  • Easy connection with wall.
  • Aluminium framework and endcap/ skirt anodized (20 microns). Suitable for costal and marine use.
  • Different angles from 90–180° corners possible.
  • Two different heights available, 1.15 m (maximum) possible to mount on wall. 1.84 m (maximum) fixed in concrete (total post length: 2.35 m).
  • Designed for wind loads up to 100 km/h.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_14_63_67 Prefabricated wood or plastics panel fencing systemsPrimary


Q40/30 Proprietary fencing

Q40/430 Proprietary fencing

Specification data - Prefabricated wood or plastics panel fencing systems

Product Reference

Twinson Fencing


Kit P 9282 combined with plank P 9555: 1.15 m (maximum)

Kit P 9283 combined with plank P 9555: 1.84 m (maximum)

P9555 design

Side A

Side B

Colour/ Finish

012 - anodized black

065 - anodized grey

502 - liquorice black

503 - hazelnut brown

504 - bark brown

505 - turf brown

506 - apricot brown

509 - river stone

510 - slate grey

522 - walnut