Turnlock 200


The Turnlock full height turnstile range consists of a variety of models that offer a high level of security for both indoor and outdoor applications. A variety of finishes and construction options as well as optional side gates and tandem installation ensure that a suitable solution is available for any situation.

The Turnlock 200 is an attractive and versatile, aluminium three wing turnstile that is suitable for both internal and external applications. Operation of the turnstile range relies on authorization from an access control system, ensuring that only authorized visitors can enter the secured area. Once an authorization signal has been received, the Turnlock unlocks and allows a 120° or 90° turn, depending on the number of door wings. After passage, the Turnlock returns to the start position and relocks, ready for another cycle.

A transparent look ensures that the Turnlock 200 is particularly suitable for indoor applications. It is available in two models with either narrow or wider polycarbonate panels. Both models are available with three door wings and integrated indicator lights.

General information



Powder coated, RAL

Insert colour requirement.

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_34_01 Aluminium full-height turnstilesPrimary


L20/500 Manual revolving doors

Q50/160 Turnstile

Product range

Security Access / Full Height Turnstiles

Specification data - Aluminium full-height turnstiles

Product Reference

Turnlock 200 CSTG

Turnlock 200 CSTG Tandem

For double passage.

Turnlock 200 EL

Turnlock 200 EL Tandem

For double passage.


1524 mm

For Turnlock 200 CSTG and EL only.

2134 mm

For Turnlock 200 CSTG Tandem and EL Tandem only.

2438 mm

For Turnlock 200 CSTG Tandem and EL Tandem only.



Powder coated, RAL

Insert colour requirement.




Power failure




Side gate

Not required




Adaptations for card reader mounting

Heel protectors

Not available with CSGT models.

Push button free access

Rotation detection sensor per direction

Second curved wall

Not available with CSGT models.

Standard product features


  • Internal: 2057 mm.
  • Canopy: 203 mm.

Passage width:

  • Turnlock 200 CSTG and EL: 648 mm.
  • Turnlock 200 CSTG Tandem and EL Tandem: 2 x 648 mm.


- CSTG models:

Anodized or powder coated aluminium frame and canopy. The door wings are constructed from three transparent polycarbonate panels. Polycarbonate walls on both sides provide the finishing touch to the transparent look.

- EL models:

The frame is constructed from anodized or powder coated aluminium with a stainless steel canopy. The door wings consist of transparent 32 mm thick polycarbonate panels. A polycarbonate curved single wall provides a transparent yet secure look.

Capacity (per turnstile and minute in one direction):

15–18; dependent on authorization system.

Power supply:

110–220 V AC, 50/60 Hz.

Product Options

Power failure:

The fail secure turnstiles ensure that in case of a power failure the entrance remains locked, ensuring no unauthorized visitors can enter the perimeter. The fail-safe system, electrically disengages the locking mechanism, allowing the door set to be operated manually. If a fire alarm system is connected to the Turnlock, the locking mechanism will be disengaged automatically in an alarm situation.


Turnlock 200 Transparent full Height Turnstile

Turnlock 200 Transparent full Height Turnstile

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