Trovex Hygipod Safe - Hand Wash Basin


Prefabricated modular anti-ligature wash basin unit, finished in Trovex hygienic polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

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Prefabricated modular wash basin unit which is anti-ligature and prevents self-harm. Constructed of a rigid core and complete with lockable access panels, sanitaryware and encapsulated with Trovex hygienic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for cleanliness.

To minimize the risk of self-harm, the access hatches are set flush with the face of the pod, and the maximum clearance around the hatch is 0.7 mm. A galvanized steel frame door-stop is fitted to the rear of the hatch aperture, which further reduces ligature points and maximizes resistance to impact.

For additional security, the hatches can be provided with key-trap locks, to ensure keys cannot be removed unless in locked position. This prevents access panels being left unlocked when closed, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Features and benefits:

  • Single piece, joint free casing with thermoformed corners.
  • Hinged, lockable and reinforced flush access panels.
  • Pre-plumbed with anti-ligature sanitaryware, and fully pressure tested.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_20_96_96 Wall-hung washbasinsPrimary


N13/335 Washbasins

Specification data - Wall-hung washbasins

Product Reference

Trovex Hygipod Safe - Hand Wash Basin


Accessible version

DVS VR01-030

Standard version.




Straight wall


Available up to 3000 mm, in full height or half height with sloping top.


Diamond white



Insert requirement from the Brilliance, Radiance, Ambience and Essence colour collections.




Sealed to wall with approved sealant or hot-welded if in flush configuration.


Provided with key trap ensures keys can only be removed when in lock position.


A structural plinth supplied by Trovex, is required to receive coved vinyl floor covering.

Standard product features

Access panels:

  • Two access panels; above and below basin.
  • Flush with the face of the pod with a maximum clearance around the hatch of 0.7 mm.
  • Galvanized steel frame door-stop to the rear of the hatch aperture.
  • Projection hinges with 180° opening, which are mechanically fixed and resin bonded.
  • Keyed-alike locks with 90° key turn.


Hygipod Safe unit to be seated on plinth with rebated overlap detail, sealed to floor covering with approved sealant, and fixed back to wall with bracket system supplied.

Product Options


- Accessible:

As specification for standard design but set at 700 mm to basin rim above fixed floor level (AFFL).

- DVS VR01-030:

High security basin with integrated backplate and tactile/ wave-on switch kit and resealing bottle trap. Control box and thermostatic mixing valve with copper feeds and quarter turn lever service valves for bottom/ top entry of hot and cold services to taps.

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