Triton LPA / Primer

Triton LPA / Primer will improve the adhesion, water resistance, salt resistance, integral strength and surface durability, increase chemical resistance of Triton Floor Levelling Compound and Triton Repair Mortar.

It also improves the workability and durability of cement mixes such as renders and screeds. It Is suitable for use as a priming solution for walls prior to plastering / rendering, and as a gauging solution for Triton Repair Mortar, TT55 and Fillet Seal.

General information
Specification data - Universal primers

Product Reference

Triton LPA/ Primer

For absorbent surfaces.

Triton LPA / Primer diluted 1:1 with water

For asphalt, bitumen and steel surfaces. Use with: Triton RC - Liquid Applied Roofing Membrane

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