Triton Dual Assist Control Panel

The Dual Assist Control Panel is provided with integral high level alarm and monitoring capabilities to monitor the number of activations and length of run times for each of the two main pumps. Both pumps and the high level alarm are operated by the control panel via float switches located in the sump.

The panel is designed to control two pumps with either a single float or dual floats. An optional high level alarm float may be installed, set above the highest pump float, to warn of excessive water level.

In operation the first pump will start as soon as its float is activated, while the second pump will only start once the separate alarm float is activated. The audible alarm and warning light will also be activated when the second pump starts and also if the current overload trip operates. The panel incorporates an exchange system that will alternate which of the two pumps works first.

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Triton Dual Assist Control Panel

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