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Triton Aquachannel - Cavity Drain Membrane Channel

Triton Aquachannel is pre-formed in a pentagonal shape with pre-drilled 19 mm drainage holes set 70 mm apart along its length, is fitted around the periphery of an internal floor at the vulnerable wall/ floor junction and can be used in most waterproofing situations. It can be used in most waterproofing situations and is particularly suited for use in conjunction with Isola Platon Cavity Drain Membrane systems. Water entering the building through the walls is controlled behind the Platon membrane and diverted to the Aquachannel at the base of the wall. The water enters the Aquachannel through pre-drilled drainage holes and must then be diverted to a suitable drainage point, either natural or a sump and mechanical pump (e.g. Triton Aqua Pump).

In situations where an existing floor slab/ screed is solid and showing no signs of water ingress, cracking or debonding, the installation of Aquachannel can eliminate the need for Platon Cavity Drain membrane on the floor, providing beneficial in areas of limited headroom.

The application of a liquid waterproof coating to the existing floor would be recommended to act as a moisture suppressant.

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Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_52_24_28 Floor channelsPrimary


R16/345 Pipes, bends and junctions – PVC-U – solid wall perforated

Specification data - Floor channels

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Triton Aquachannel - Cavity Drain Membrane Channel



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50 x 80 mm.