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Triton Aqua Pump Pro - Basement Sumps

A complete water control system specially designed for the removal of groundwater from basement cavity drainage membrane systems. The system comprises of a polyethylene sump, locking access cover (pedestrian duty, not suitable for roadways), a powerful submersible pump and a fittings kit. The system is very versatile, enabling the installer to locate inlets to their specifications.


  • Pump capacity of 132 L/ min at 7 m head.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Standard 40 mm discharge pipes.

General information


Pump capacity of 132 L/ min at 7 m head

Quick and easy to install

Standard 40 mm discharge pipes

Uniclass 2015

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R18/310 Private packaged pumping stations

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Product Reference

Triton Aqua Pump Pro



1¼” brass gate valve

12 V, 7 Ah Battery

50 mm rubber seal (inlet/ cable duct)

110 mm rubber seal (drainage inlet)

Access cover, recessed 350 x 350 mm

High level alarm (mains operated)

High level alarm (mains/ battery operated)

Standard product features


Mains powered, powerful 240 V submersible pump with float arm. It is capable of pumping up to 132 L/ min to a maximum head of 7 m.

Sump basin:

A red polyethylene pre-formed chamber, measuring 600 high with a diameter of 550 mm. It is most commonly located into the floor, finishing flush with the surrounding floor level. The sump basin is supplied with a locking, 350 x 350 mm access cover which can accept foot traffic. The lid can be easily removed to allow regular maintenance of the internal submersible pump or pumps.

Non-return valve assembly:

To avoid any discharged water backing-up into the sump basin, a non-return valve assembly is provided. This is fitted directly to the submersible pump outlet via flexible couplings and supplied ready to accept a standard 1¼” waste pipe.

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