Traditional Estate Fencing

For external fencing applications, private gardens and amenity areas.



Solid carbon steel construction, which is suitable for all normal railings and estate fencing requirements. As it comes with either four or five metal fence rails, this version is suitable for light stock use such as sheep farming. The fencing has round top rails, with a choice of round or flat lower rails. Its durability makes it suitable as a metal farm fence.


Suitable for residential and amenity use. These estate railings consist of four solid rails, and retain the same graceful charm as the weightier Burghley and Highland Ranges. The prices quoted are for steel railing fencing only. A specialist installation team is required to erect the metal estate fencing, which needs welding and painting on site to provide a solid, attractive estate fence that will last for many years.


Supplied with a round top rail and a choice of either flat or round lower rails. Highland is the strongest estate railing, robustly built to withstand the most boisterous of livestock. This super solid fence has a thrust plate welded on every post; this plate is welded under the ground and reduces any lateral movement caused by the pressure of cattle and horses. The Highland Parkland Fence is supplied with heavier profile posts (40 x 10 mm) and larger rails (25 x 8 mm or 20 mm round rails).

Features and benefits:

  • The product seamlessly fits into any landscape and defines barriers.
  • The metal fencing is more durable than some inferior iron railing fences.
  • Estate Fencing is made and installed to project requirements.
  • The fencing is suitable to be used as metal farm fencing.
  • Installed by a specialist estate fencing installation team. Supplied to site loose.
  • Estate Fencing has no weak joints as it is fully welded on site.
  • The fence line follows curves, and up and down undulations.
  • An estate-style fence can enhance the aesthetics of any large outdoor area, as well as country estates and farms.
  • Provides a barrier for wildlife and cattle.

General information



Manufactured in the UK using solid UK steel. Solid, aesthetically pleasing, durable fence. Matching gates available







 range available, dependent on style specified.


1 m.

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_14_63_51 Metal post and rail fencing systemsPrimary


Q40/220 Steel fencing

Q40/30 Proprietary fencing

Q40/430 Proprietary fencing

Specification data - Metal post and rail fencing systems Enhanced data


Solid carbon steel.

Post foundations

Underground section 500 mm.


Carbon steel.

Consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.

Site applied finishes

Welding and painting required on site.

System accessories

Matching gates are available.

Product Reference

Traditional Estate Fencing


Burghley Five Rail.

Chatsworth Four Rail.

Highland Five Rail.

Highland Nine Rail (Deer).

Highland Six Rail.

Available heights

1.0 m.

Chatsworth/ Burghley

1.2 m.

Chatsworth/ Burghley/ Highland

1.5 m.


1.8 m.


2.25 m.


Environmental information

Country of material origin

United Kingdom



Can be melted down and reused.

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