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A range of PVC-U top hung, side hung and fixed light windows, available in range of styles in three standard finishes.

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Manufacturer warranty

Uniclass 2015
Pr_30_59_98_92 Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) window unitsPrimary
Specification data - Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) window units
Product Reference

Traditional 2500 Windows – Casement

Window -
Size (w x h)

___ x ___ mm

As drawing ___


Fixed light


Side hung

Top hung

Outer frame size

52 mm

70 mm

Transoms and mullions

68 mm

88 mm

110 mm



Mechanically jointed



Window frame -

Not required

3197 Slimline coupler

3310 Slimline coupler

3312 Slimline coupler

3705 Reinforced coupler

6975 Reinforced coupler




Not required

2455 Head section

Accommodates proprietary trickle ventilators

3300 Add-on

Allows additional clearance for hinges.

3301 Add-on

Accommodates proprietary trickle ventilators.

3302 Add-on

Frame build-up for conservatories.

3336 Add-on

Provides clearance over existing plaster or tiling.

3340 Add-on

Reveal liner adaptor.

As drawing ___

Projecting sill

Not required

3338 Projecting sill

150 mm.

3339 Projecting sill

180 mm.

3258 End cap

For 3338 Projecting sill.

3259 End cap

For 3339 Projecting sill.


Not required

3337 Stub-sill

95 mm.

3257 End cap

For 3337 Stub-sill.

Low threshold

Not required

2976 AM3-70 open-in low threshold

2977 AM5EX-70 open out low threshold

Weather bars

Not required

3303 Head drip

3306 Weather bar

Bay corner posts

Not required

3196 Bay post

Fixed 135° angle.

3313/3327 Slimline bay pole and adaptor

Angles from 138°-222°.

6916/ 3311 Bay pole and adaptor

Angles from 90°-270°.

6920 90° Square corner post




RAL 9016 Traffic White

Decoroc patented coating system. Colour: RAL ___

Insert requirement.

Wood grain foil laminate. Finish: ___

Insert requirement.

Glazing -

Double glazed

Single glazed

Triple glazed

Glazing beads

As drawing ___


Not required

Georgian bars

Leaded lights


As section P21


Not required

Proprietary ventilation device ___

Insert requirements.

Standard product features

Accreditation (BS 7412, BS 6375 and PAS24):

- Sizes tested (maximum):

  • Top hung: 1200 mm wide x 1500 mm high.
  • Side hung: 900 mm wide x 1400 mm high.
  • Fixed light: 3000 mm wide x 3000 mm high (maximum perimeter: 8000 mm).
  • Multilight windows with reinforced transom or mullions: 2400 mm wide x 2400 mm high (maximum perimeter: 7600 mm; maximum transom or mullion span: 1400 mm).

Maximum sizes must be within the range recommended by the manufacturer of the hardware selected

- Performance:

  • Air permeability: Class 4.
  • Exposure category: Class A5.
  • Water tightness: Class 9A.


  • Fully welded construction as standard.
  • Mechanically jointed transom, mullion options.


  • Will accept hardware from most manufacturers.
  • Full depth euro-groove.
  • Secure location of hardware.


Standard slimline sash.


Galvanized steel profiles optimized for strength and secure hardware attachment.

Seals and gaskets:

Main profiles supplied with high-performance integral multifunctional seal and gasket.


  • Internally glazed as standard.
  • Casement window styles have been assessed to PAS24 (enhanced security standard).

Thermal insulation:

  • Whole window ‘U’ values comply with Approved Document L (Eng/Wales) Section 6 (Scotland) of the Building Regulations.
  • Lower ‘U’ values can be achieved.
  • Window energy ratings C to A++ can be achieved.

Product Options


Window boards, reveal liners and finishing trims.


  • Fixing can be achieved through the frame with bespoke fixing lugs or into proprietary cavity closers or sub-frame systems.
  • Fixing methods exist for timber framing, flush or check reveals.


  • Choice of two outer frame sizes (52 and 70 mm).
  • Choice of three transom and mullion sizes (68, 88 and 110 mm).
  • Frame extensions, sills and weathering trims.
  • Lightweight and structural coupling members.
  • Standard and structural bay corner posts.


  • Choice of four glazing bead styles.
  • Accepts units from 5 mm up to 42 mm thick.
  • Georgian bar and leaded light options.

Window styles:

  • Top hung, side hung and fixed light frames.
  • Multilights combining above elements.
  • ‘T’ or cruciform transom or mullion joints.
  • Coupled flat and bay or bow window styles.


  • Modern shape complements classical and contemporary architecture.
  • Personalisation with glazing bead options.
  • Clip-fit detail ensures positive fixing of accessories.


Proprietary ventilation devices can be fitted to the windows in compliance with Building Regulations.

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Third party certifications
  • BS 7412
  • BS 6375
  • PAS24
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