Topseal Roofing System

Topseal Roofing System

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    BBA Agrément Certificate

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450 g/m² reinforcement mat for all general applications which will tolerate occasional foot traffic, suitable for standard roofing installations.

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For domestic, commercial or industrial roofs, pitched or flat, Topseal sets the standard for long life roofing systems. Topseal’s (450g/m² reinforcement) standard system is a hard wearing GRP roofing system suitable for occasional foot traffic and has a guaranteed life expectancy of 25 years with optional insolvency warranty on workmanship. A 30 year guarantee is available with the Topseal HD system.

Topseal is cold applied and does not require any hot works or heat to install making it safe and easy to install by Topseal’s national network of trained and approved installers. The system meets all part ‘L’ regulations and is fire retardant to the highest standard (BS476 part 3, 2004: Ext.F.AA). Topseal is completely UV resistant, environmentally friendly (BRE Green Guide achieves A/A+ rating for warm roof build-up) There are also hundreds of different combinations of options for colour and finish to choose from for a bespoke roof.

The Topseal system can be used on almost any type of roof from large scale commercial projects to common domestic applications such as extensions, garages, dormer roof, parapet walls, gulleys, gutters, conservatories, orangeries and many more. The versatility of Topseal will ensure that it will fit in with almost any style from bespoke ultra-modern to traditional listed buildings in simulated lead or copper finishes, providing long-lasting performance and style, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

- Simulated lead/ copper:

Topseal is used extensively as a lead replacement or alternative to copper for roofs, gutter linings and complex architectural detail work. For listed buildings Topseal can also be used to simulate rolled rib joints. Colour matching can be achieved by using a topcoat with a lead grey, zinc grey or copper green finish, providing a like-for-like appearance and long-lasting performance, without the need for expensive highly skilled labour. Topseal is free from toxic water run-off associated with lead and copper and deters criminal damage due to its high durability and has no effective scrap value.


  • 12 mm ply sub deck.
  • Insulation layer.
  • 18 mm OSB3 decking.
  • Topseal GRP roof, comprising: Topseal GRP laminate (450 g/m² reinforcement) and Topseal topcoat with choice of colours and finishes.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_68_63 Polyester resin waterproof coatingsPrimary


J31/10 Warm deck roof coating

J31/110 Cold deck roof coating

J31/120 Warm deck roof coating

J31/5 Cold deck roof coating

Specification data - Polyester resin waterproof coatings

Product Reference

Topseal Roofing System for Cold Roof

Topseal Roofing System for Warm Roof


Insert desired depth.

Top layer



Coated aggregate

A type of non-slip coating which is incorporated into the final layer of topcoat for a coloured slip-resistant finish.


An exposed non-slip finish, which is the most effective and recommended for areas of regular foot traffic.


Standard effect finish, suitable for most types of conditions.


Dark Admiralty Grey




BS 4800, colour

Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.

RAL, colour

Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.


As drawing

Contractors choice

Product Options

Product reference:

  • Cold roof: 18 mm decking, GRP laminate consisting of Topseal roofing resin and 450 g/m² reinforcement mat) plus topcoat layer.
  • Warm roof: Vapour control layer, 12 mm sub deck, insulation (insulation thickness needs to be specified as a further option as part of this process). 18 mm decking, GRP laminate consisting of Topseal roofing resin and 450 g/m² reinforcement mat) plus topcoat layer.


A wide range of GRP edge trims are available, consult manufacturer with requirements.


Third party certifications

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