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Timber Kissing Gates

Particularly useful in districts populated by elderly people, where a stile is unsuitable. Allows easy access through fences with no climbing necessary. Suitable for inserting in any type of fence in almost any situation.

All manufactured from Jakcured softwood.

General information
Uniclass 2015
Pr_30_59_33_36 Hardwood field gate leavesPrimary

Q40/570 Gates

Q40/35 Wood gate/ Gate posts

Q40/45 Gates/ Gate posts

Q40/530 Kissing gates and posts

Specification data - Hardwood field gate leaves
Product Reference

299800BM Timber Kissing Gate

Mobility kissing gate.

299900BM Timber Kissing Gate

Standard kissing gate.



Jakcure end grain preservative

Required to post treatment cutting or drilling.

Product Options

Product reference:

- Standard kissing gate:

Consists of one 1050 mm wide, five bar, Jakcured Uni-Field Gate. Hung on galvanized double band hinges with adjustable bottom eye.

  • Hanging post: 2100 x 125 x 100 mm section shaped four ways.
  • Two slam posts and corner post: 1800 x 125 x 100 mm section.
  • ‘V’ shaped enclosure fence has four rails of 100 x 38 mm section mortised into each side of the corner post.

- Mobility timber kissing gate:

As the standard timber kissing gate, but with a 1500 mm gate, this makes it accessible for wheelchair users.

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