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Third party certifications:
  • BBA Agrément Certificate

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Insulating and reflective breather membrane.

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A reflective insulation breathable multi-layered membrane for use as an underlay in warm piched roof. It is used to reduce wind loads on slates and tiles to provide a secondary water‐shedding layer against wind driven rain or snow.

It is manufactured by needle punching a reinforced polyester reflective under face with a mat of polyester fibre. This is then hot melt glued to the HDPE top surface, which is a breathable layer of fibres with a protected aluminium metalized surface. Combines excellent tensile strength characteristics with high puncture and nail tear resistance. It is also are resistant to UV light degradation, but is not designed to be left exposed for long periods and must be covered as soon as possible.

Joints should be sealed with Therm'X Lap Tape.

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Standard product features


1.2 x 20.8 m.


10 mm.


Dull aluminium upper surface with bright aluminium lower surface.

Vertical laps (minimum):

100 mm wide, coinciding with supports and securely fixed.

Technical properties:

  • Emissivity of top layer: 0.20.
  • Nail tear strength: 300 N.
  • Tensile strength: 450 N/ 50 mm (machine direction), 330 N/ 50 mm (transverse direction).
  • Water tightness: Class W1.
  • Water vapour permeability (Sd‐value): 0.09 m.

Third party certifications
  • Certificate: 10/4731