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Smooth faced mineral panel with regular perforations of 2.5 mm size at 10 mm centres.

For use with Knauf AMF suspended ceiling systems:

  • System C: Exposed Ventatec grid systemdemountable ceiling.
  • System A: Concealed, demountable ceiling/ non demountable option.

Can be used with A-RWL, I-RWL, C-SRW shadow angles, I-SRW perimeter trims.

General information
Specification data
Product Reference

Thermatex Symetra Rg 2.5-10


600 x 600 mm, SK square edge

15 or 24 mm exposed Ventatec grid system.

600 x 600 mm, VT 15 recessed edge

15 mm exposed Ventatec grid system.

600 x 600 mm, VT 24 recessed edge

24 mm exposed Ventatec grid system

600 x 600 mm, AW/GN edge

Concealed grid.

Standard product features

Fire safety:

BS EN 13501-1: Class A2-s1, d0.

Fire protection to BS 476-20 –23 (maximum):

60 minutes.

Sound absorption:

  • Rating to BS EN ISO 354 aw 0.60.
  • Sound absorption: Class C.
  • Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) to ASTM C 423-02a: 0.65.

Sound attenuation:

Rating to BS EN 20140-9 Dncw: 32db.

Relative humidity (maximum)


Light reflectance (maximum):



15 mm.


4.5 kg/m².


White RAL 9010.

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