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Terrier Radiator Valves

A wide range of high-quality, robust and reliable domestic, decorative and commercial radiator valves available.

Domestic radiator valves:

Where appropriate, there is compliance with the kitemark British Standards or the European norm (BS 2767-10, EN 215) with independent testing and certification.

Decorative radiator valves:

High-quality and reliable radiator valves with a choice of styles to suit a range of traditional and modern radiator types. Compatible with both 10 and 15 mm pipework.

Available as thermostatic and manual control, the 'A'-rated TELL-approved thermostatic range is supplied with a choice of three complementary finishes: mixed chrome, anthracite and white/ chrome.

The manual radiator valves are available in angle and straight pattern bodies, allowing flexibility when aligning against the pipework or radiator. Approved to BS 2767-10 (double 'O' ring seals are fitted for long life).

Heating controls and valves:

The Terrier i-temp is a programmable radiator thermostat which controls time and temperature per individual radiator. Offers the ability to zone areas, and intelligent technology reduces cost and CO2 emissions.

Commercial radiator valves:

Thermostatic radiator valves have been designed for use on commercial buildings, providing performance and safety functions. Approved to EN 215. Utilizes 'lift and lock' operations which can prevent accidental adjustment.

Belmont thermostatic radiator valves comprise three different body patterns: angle, horizontal and straight. Available with a choice of pre-setting and non-pre-setting options.

A choice of three different head options are available: standard, remote sensing with 2/ 8 m capillary and remote adjusting in 2, 5 and 8 m capillary lengths.

The range includes:

  • TRV angle pattern thermostatic radiator valves.
  • Angle pattern TRV with push-fit connector.
  • TRV and lockshield packs (straight and angled patterns).
  • TRV PF and drain-off lockshield packs with push-fit elbow angle pattern (vertical or horizontal mounting).
  • Angle pattern TRV and lockshield, anthracite CP.
  • 'X' top traditional straight pattern manual wheel handle and lockshield valve.
  • PRC i30 Terrier i-temp/.
  • B1301 liquid head anti-theft valve.
  • B1401 liquid head with remote sensor valve.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_54_95_70 Radiator valvesPrimary


T90/430 Manual radiator valves

T90/440 Thermostatic radiator valves

T90/54 Manual radiator valves

T90/56 Thermostatic radiator valves

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Terrier Radiator Valves


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