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Tectite Sprint


  • Suitable for hot and cold water services, heating and chilled water applications and low temperature hot water heating.
  • Also can be used in pressurised, vented and unvented heating systems.
  • Not suitable for use on gas appliances.


WRAS approved, DZR copper alloy push-fit fittings for copper tube and plastic pipes available in sizes from 10–54 mm for jointing plain and chrome plated copper tube to BS EN 1057, PEX, including Qual-Pex to BS 7291.

The range includes:

  • Straight and reducing couplings.
  • Straight male and female connectors.
  • Elbows and street elbows.
  • Equal tees.
  • Tee, reduced branches.
  • Stop ends.
  • Tap connectors.

Service temperature/ pressure (10–28 mm):

  • -24 to +30°C: 16 bar.
  • 65°C: 10 bar.
  • 95°C: 6 bar.

General information


25 years


10–54 mm


Pr_65_52_63_23 Cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X) pipes and fittingsPrimary


S90/110 Mains cold water supply

S90/120 Storage cold water supply

S90/130 Instantaneous hot water supply

S90/140 Direct hot water storage supply

S90/150 Indirect hot water storage supply

S90/160 Rainwater/ greywater recycling system

Specification data - Cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X) pipes and fittings

Product Reference

Tectite Sprint


Consult literature for details and insert requirements.


Tectite Market Leading Metal Push-Fit

Tectite Market Leading Metal Push-Fit