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TECH 3000 ANTI-ROOT - Reinforced bitumen sheets for roofing

Pre-fabricated waterproofing membrane made of distilled bitumen and elastomeric polymers (SBS), with a woven non woven single strand composite polyester reinforcement, with high mechanical characteristics and excellent dimensional stability.

The excellent and long lasting performance of TECH 3000 ANTI-ROOT are given by the sum of the characteristics, the reinforcement and the waterproofing mass, opportunely added with a special chemical product (Preventol B2 Bayer) which confer a very high resistance to both root penetration as well as
aggressive chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicidals, etc.

The “anti-root” resistance of the material does not in any way affect the plants. The anti-root additive is not in anyway washed out of the compound and resists the heat of the open flame torch during application, therefore the product performs it’s function in a permanent way.

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4 x 1000 x 10000 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_08_75 Reinforced bitumen roofing sheetsPrimary
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