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Universal concealed cistern suitable for installation within walls and ducts, designed to supply flushing water to floor standing / back to wall WC pans in bathrooms, en-suites, cloakrooms and other bathroom projects, where floor

standing WC pans are used.

Suitable for :

  • All common construction systems, in domestic, commercial, industrial and institutional new build or refurbishment projects
  • Small or large bathrooms, where space is at a premium, while ease of cleaning and sleek design is a priority.
  • Fitted onto structural walls or within stud walls, drywalls and furniture, and subsequently hidden with wall boards, tightly fixed to a framework, to conceal cistern, pipework and control mechanisms.
  • Rapid, secure fitting of cistern allows universal connection to WC pans from all major brands.
  • Can be used with Grey rainwater recycling systems when adequately filtered.


Engineered in Germany, a WRAS Approved ‘low level’ installation system for Wall Hung WC’s with rigid frame and 'plug ‘n’ play' cistern, to fit in front of walls. Matches wide range of contemporary Control Plate designs (specify separately), which operate by front or top actuation. Premium quality frames which are easy to fit and time saving. This WC Frame has all fixtures, fittings and instructions included.

Features and benefits:

  • WRAS Approval 2203336, with front and top access panel and control mechanism meets or exceeds common standards.
  • Top and front actuation with matching range of single or dual flush, contemporary control plates suit all concealed cisterns, and act as a removable cover for easy maintenance access to internal workings.
  • Innovative (tool free adjustable) maintenance tunnel technology: Fitted to front or top of cistern at point of installation and easily adjusted to suit wall build thickness. Tool free adjustment reduces margin of error and potential hazard for installer. Also tidies up cavity between flush controls and cistern tank, and prevents debris from entering cistern when splash guard is removed.
  • Quick release splash guard with lifting mechanism can be easily removed, allowing for maintenance or replacement of all key internal components.
  • Factory fitted cistern components incl. ½” male water connection, stop valve, Stainless Steel Fill Hose, Quick-to-service flush valve, and fast flowing u La-quiet (<17dB certified) Type AG Fill Valve. Pre-fitted and quality control sealed before dispatch.
  • Wall brackets offer simple installation and adjustment to reduce errors and improve final installation quality.
  • Universal 1⁄2” male quick connect water supply connection, to top or side, reducing supply pipe installation time
  • Suits all common floor standing and back to wall WC pans.
  • Compatible with all TECE flush control plates, giving design, budget, and choice of over 250+ plates (futureproofing design or functionality preferences), with new “quick-fit” flush controls mounting system, saving time for installers.
  • Cistern is factory fitted with anti-condensation insulation that further reduces flush and fill noise.
  • Flush volume controls and settings (important for eco-water conscious consumers): Factory setting – 6 L / 4 L flush ; Instant User
  • Setting – 4.5 L / 3 L or lower (3.5 L / 2.4 L possible) – Water release (dump) valve overflow provides certainty against flooding issues.
  • Tested to over 200,000 cycles, WRAS, DIN EN 14055 Class 2, WELL Label - Class ‘A’ Water Efficiency. KIWA Reg 4.

General information




139 mm

80 mm


500 mm

440 mm


525 mm

670 mm

760 mm


Pr_40_20_93_89 WC cisternsPrimary


N13/10 WC pans and flushing arrangements

N13/500 Pre-plumbed frame system

N13/300 WCs and cisterns

Specification data - WC cisterns





Lever handle.




Rotationally Moulded Polymer, two piece height adjustable Flush Pipe.


10 L, with 'Reserve Tank' facility.

Water supply, overflow and outlet holes


Water supply

Male ½” Mepla-Fix inlet connection and Stainless Steel Reinforced Supply Hose.


Water release (dump) valve overflow.

Integral accessories

Cleaning Tablet Insert Chute.

Odour Extraction connection flush pipes.

(3 accessory options available)


Inlet flow pressure: 0.5–10 Bar.


760 x 500 x 139 mm (h x w x d).

Environmental information

Country of material origin


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Type AG Fill Valve Installation

Type AG Fill Valve Installation

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