Medium security commercial sites where see-through vision is a priority.


Tube and link shutters are an aesthetically way of providing light security to an aperture. Often used in bars and to close small serveries, they are sometimes used in 'higher end' shops as they are more expensive than other 'vision type' shutters. They can come in two types of arrangement – brick-bond and in-line (or standard) arrangement.


Medium security commercial sites where see-through vision is a priority.

General information

Uniclass 2015

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L20/60 Doors

L20/612 Roller grilles

Specification data - Roller grilles

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Mill finish

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Insert requirements.

Curtain style

Brick bond

Standard, in-line

Battery back-up

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Single phase

Spring and lock operation

Standard product features


  • Aluminium 13 mm diameter tubes cut to 111 mm as standard, with anodized finish enclosing an 8 mm steel rod.
  • Vertical lattice links are 86 mm high, leaving 56 mm high openings; smaller or larger openings on request.
  • Weight: 10 kg/m².


  • Grilles less than 12 m²: roll-formed housing from 1 mm aluminium; pressure moulded aluminium end caps in white or brown as standard.
  • Grilles over 12 m²: manufactured from 1.2 mm galvanized steel sheet; end caps from 5 mm steel; standard galvanized finish, other colours on request.

Guide length:

  • Up to 2200 mm: Box size 300 mm.
  • Up to 3600 mm: Box size 360 mm.
  • Up to 5500 mm: Box size 400 mm.

Guide channels/ bottom slat:

Standard white or brown aluminium U-channel guide section 85 x 30 mm. T-shape bottom bar from galvanized steel.

Manufacturing standards:

  • Fully CE marked.
  • Mechanical aspects: BS EN 12604, safety in use of power assisted doors.
  • Side guide protection: BS EN 12604-4.5.1 and BS EN 12453-
  • Protection: Against crushing, shearing or drawing in.
  • Electrical safety: Depending on use.
  • Watertightness: To BS EN 12489.
  • Resistance to windload: To BS EN 12444.
  • Thermal resistance: To BS EN 12428.
  • Air permeability: To BS EN 12427.
  • Opto safety edge self-monitoring: To BS EN 12453-
  • Anti-fall back device: To BS EN 12453-
  • Durability of mechanical performance: To BS EN 12635-
  • Installation instructions: To BS EN 12635-
  • Visibility and airflow: >80%.

Product Options


  • Electric – single-phase tubular motor or three phase direct drive motor dependent on curtain weight, with push button control.
  • Remote control operation is available and includes optical safety edge; a PEC beam may also be appropriate when using remote control operation.
  • Manual override facility as required.
  • Safety brake included as standard, to meet requirements of BS EN 13241-1.