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Pre-engineered and factory produced aluminium structural ceiling grid with continuously threaded slots (M10-1.5 and M12-1.75) for mounting items directly to the grid. The grid consists of main runners with notches for precise location and connection of coped structural tees using simple four screw connectors.

Capable of supporting power modules, light fixtures, cable trays, partitions and other accessories.

Load performance based on building connection spacing of 1.2 m on centre:

  • Gridpoint load at midspan of 500 kg (maximum).
  • Grid uniform load of 975 kg/m² (maximum).
  • A safety factor of two for all connections.

Grid member centre to centre spacing can be selected to accommodate project-specific requirements.

System includes:

  • 3.6 m main runner.
  • 600 mm structural tee/ 1200 mm structural tee.
  • Field/XL connector / perimeter connector.
  • M10-1.5 x 32 mm screws w/ M10-1.75 lock washers.
  • M12 turnbuckle assembly with starter rod.
  • Ceiling hold down clips (optional).
  • Factory-applied gasket (optional).
  • Metal pan ceiling tiles and LED lights (optional).
  • Threaded rod connection to the building (supplied by others).


  • High strength stamped steel construction.
  • Ribs on the connector to engage with grid and prevent racking.
  • Attaches to grid members with (4) M10-1.5 screws.
  • M12-1.75 turnbuckles with starter rod threads into connectors on a 1.2–2.4 m spacing.
  • Tee and corner connectors for perimeter installation.

General information
Specification data
Product Reference

Tate Duo

Grid spacing

600 x 600 mm

600 x 1200 mm

625 x 625 mm

625 x 1200 mm


Insert requirements.

Grid colour

Painted black

Painted silver

Painted white

Standard product features

System weight:

  • 600 x 600 mm: 5.3 kg/m².
  • 600 x 1200 mm: 4.4 kg/m².

Structural tee deflection (10 mm):

  • 1.2 m centre spacings: 10.5 kN/m² Uniform, 4.9 kN maximum point load.
  • 1.5 m centre spacings: 6.9 kN/m² Uniform, 2.7 kN maximum point load.
  • 1.8 m centre spacings: 4.8 kN/m² Uniform, 1.6 kN maximum point load.
  • 2.1 m centre spacings: 3.5 kN/m² Uniform, 0.9 kN maximum point load.
  • 2.4 m centre spacings: 2.7 kN/m² Uniform, 0.6 kN maximum point load.

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