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Taralay Impression Control - Sheet

Taralay Impression Control - Sheet

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Gerflor Flooring UK Limited

Multi-layered construction, decorative, vinyl sheet safety floor covering for high traffic applications.

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Taralay Impression Control is a decorative, high performing commercial safety floor covering suitable for healthcare, education, retail, commercial and public areas.


Taralay Impression Control is multi-layered construction, decorative, vinyl sheet safety floor covering with 0.70 mm wear-layer and patented Protecsol® Control surface treatment. It requires no wax for life, delivering ease of maintenance and energy savings. Designed for normal to high traffic commercial applications it comprises a compact backing, reinforced with a glass fibre and a printed design that is protected by a transparent wear layer. The range consists of ten wood effect and eight mineral inspired designs.

Features and benefits:

  • Protecsol® Control surface treatment which eliminates the need for waxing.
  • Hygienic – easy and cost-effective maintenance, with less water and detergent use.
  • HSE > 36 PTV for slip resistance and >20 µm surface roughness/ R11.
  • Design led safety range (18 wood and mineral inspired references).
  • Durable construction – suitable for high traffic applications.
  • Highly flexible, easy to install and weld.
  • Compatible with the Gerflor Clean Corner system.
  • Contemporary matt finish.
  • 100% recyclable.

Installation and maintenance:

Should be installed in accordance with the BS 8203:2017 Code of practice for installation of resilient floor coverings. Installation and maintenance instructions are available.

Can be installed with the patented Clean Corner System for ensured hygiene.


Taralay Impression Control is a decorative, high performing commercial safety floor covering suitable for healthcare, education, retail, commercial and public areas.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_57_71_67 Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheetsPrimary


M50/150 Sheeting

M50/20 Sheeting

Specification data - Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheets

Product Reference

Taralay Impression Control - Sheet


See Options and insert requirement.



Co-ordinating weld rods

Standard product features


2000 mm.


25 m.


2.0 mm.

Wear layer thickness:

0.70 mm.


2635 g/m².

BS EN 685 Level of Use class:

34–43 – Commercial, very heavy – Light industrial, heavy (Compact version).

BS EN 1815 static electricity electrical propensity:

<2 kV.

DIN 51130 slip resistance wet:


BS 7976 slip resistance pendulum test:

>36 PTV.

BS 7976 surface roughness test:

>20 µm.

BS EN 13501-1 fire rating:

Bfl-S1 (Compact version).

BS EN 649 wear group:


ISO 10582 Type Binder content:


ISO 717-2 impact sound insulation:

8 dB (Compact version).

EN 433 residual indentation:

<0.10 mm.

BS EN 12524 thermal conductivity:

0.25 W/m·K.

Surface treatment:

Protecsol® Control.

ISO 16000-6 TVOC after 28 days:

<70 µg/m³.

Product Options


- Wood designs:

  • 0371 Noma Rustic.
  • 0373 Noma Ice.
  • 0518 Esterel Chocolate.
  • 0519 Noma Beige.
  • 0520 Noma Black.
  • 0522 Habana Trinidad.
  • 0538 Habana Vinales.
  • 0592 Ottawa Poplar.
  • 0672 Loft White.
  • 1713 Esterel Frejus.

- Other designs:

  • 0035 Gris.
  • 0038 Pierre.
  • 0523 Genova.
  • 0524 Capri.
  • 0525 Modena.
  • 0526 Parma.
  • 0543 Brescia.
  • 0680 Infinity Greige.

Third party certifications
  • REACH: Compliant
  • Floorscore®: Certified
  • CE: Marked : Manufactured in accordance with EN 14041
  • BREAAM: A/A+
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