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A smoke damper/shutter assembly for use in conjunction with Lorient intumescent air transfer grilles to prevent the passage of cold smoke which can be equally dangerous. The Talkback system has been designed to control up to sixteen damper/shutter assemblies from one centralised, status monitoring unit. A unique two-way communication system operates between the Damper Control and Monitor Unit (DCM) and each damper/shutter actuator connected to the system. This monitoring unit allows all the damper/shutter assemblies to be quickly and visually checked to identify and locate any defective shutters.

Talkback is designed to give peace of mind to a building's occupants in that it:


  • Is fail-safe – the dampers/shutters will automatically close in the event of an alarm, power failure or damage to the wiring.
  • Resets automatically – when the alarm is cancelled or power restored.
  • Is self-testing – every 24 hours the dampers/shutters are automatically closed and opened to check they are working and to dislodge any dust and debris between the moving parts.
  • Continuously monitors the status of each damper/shutter and displays this on the DCM.
  • Is easy and quick to install – simple loop wiring is used and the damper/shutter units are supplied ready assembled and tested
  • Uses a safe, low voltage DC supply to open and close the dampers/shutters
  • Has been successfully tested in accordance with the requirements of the Electro Magnetic Compatibility and Low Voltage Directive and therefore bears the CE mark.

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Talkback Damper-Shutter Control System

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