System 17 Structural Silicone Bonded Curtain Walling has been developed to provide flush, silicon pointed horizontal and vertical glass to glass joints. A range of internal mullions and transoms accommodate a wide variety of grid formats subject to the structural sections being designed to accommodate the applicable loads in accordance with the relevant site conditions and application.


– Thermal:

  • All windows/ screens, in conjunction with a suitable glazing specification, have been designed to meet the current requirements of Building Regulations Approved Document L for England and Wales, Technical Handbook 6 for Scotland and Technical Booklet F for Northern Ireland where applicable. Consult with Metal Technology for details.

– Weathertightness: To BS 6375-1: 1989 and BS 5368.

  • Air permeability: 600 Pa.
  • Water resistance: 600 Pa.
  • Wind resistance: 2400 Pa.

– Dynamic Test: In accordance with the CWCT sequence B test regime using a representative two storey test sample.

  • Static Air Permeability: <1.5 m³/hr at 600 Pa.
  • Static Water Penetration: Zero ml at 600 Pa.
  • Dynamic Water penetration: Zero ml at 600 Pa.
  • Structural performance - 2400 Pa (140 mph).
  • Safety Gust Performance - 3600 Pa (210 mph).

– Deflection:

  • All structural profiles can be designed so that maximum deflection of any member shall not exceed L/200 of its span, with no evidence of any permanent deformation once the load has been removed. All transom sections are designed to limit their horizontal deflection to a maximum of 3 mm.

Incorporated components:

A concealed/ frameless top hung open out vent can be incorporated within the Structural Silicone Bonded curtain walling system. Consult with Metal Technology for recommendations and details.

General information

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H11/110 Curtain walling

Specification data - Stick curtain walling systems

Product Reference

System 17 Structural Silicone Bonded Curtain Walling

Internal framing member



Extruded aluminium


Anodized, colour

Insert colour requirements.

Liquid organic coated, colour RAL

Insert colour requirements.

Powder organic coated, colour RAL

Insert colour requirements.

Minimum film thickness

___ micrometres


Insulating glass units, 32 mm thick

Glazing system

Dry glazed gasket system. Joints silicone pointed externally

Standard product features


All double glazed units are structurally bonded to a four sided carrier frame which is then secured to the structural grid using concealed fixing lugs. The system is drained internally via mullions with water channelled to the exterior of the building.

Glazing system:

Dry glazed internally using proprietary, high performance captive gaskets. All gaskets are bonded and sealed during construction, using waterproof adhesive. All internal gaskets have pre-moulded vulcanized corners. All double glazed units/ carrier frame assemblies are supported continuously along all four edges by an internal structural member and held firmly in position by means of a concealed fixing lug. All external vertical and horizontal joints are provided with a 22 mm wide, flush glass to glass joint. This is silicone pointed by a specialist approved applicator.

Product Options

Finish/ Colour:

Consult with Metal Technology for availability of colours and to obtain samples.

Minimum film thickness:

Consult with Metal Technology following choice of finish.

Panel/ Facing types:

A variety of panel thicknesses can be accommodated within the system. Consult with Metal Technology for recommendations and details.

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