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An extra durable, decorative and protective polyester powder coating material in a metallic finish, designed to produce a tough and abrasion resistant surface finish for use on window frames, doors, curtain walling, roofing and cladding panels.

The coating meets the requirements of BS 6496 for applications onto aluminium, and of BS 6497 for applications onto galvanised steel.

A performance guarantee of 30 years is given.

General information
Specification data - Powder coatings
Product Reference

Synthatec Metallics


See 'Options' and insert requirements.

Minimum film thickness

40 micrometres

60 micrometres

Product Options


Available in a wide range of RAL, designer and exclusive colours.

Minimum film thickness:

  • On aluminium: 40 micrometres.
  • On aluminium in corrosive environments: 60 micrometres.
  • On galvanised steel: 60 micrometres.

Third party certifications
  • 94/3041
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