Symphony En-suite Doorset

Timber frame and magnetic load-release pivoted door leaves with return-to-zero function, which ensures privacy is maintained. Suitable for en-suite applications in high risk environments with no known ligature points. Load release operates at 6–8 kg.

The magnetic pivot points hold the door at the top and bottom, ensuring maximum hold throughout the opening and closing operation, and minimizing unwanted detachment.

The door acts as a partial visual screen to preserve service user dignity. However, it also allows observation of head and feet to give clinicians peace of mind. There are no magnets in the leaf that could be removed and swallowed. The lightweight, flexible leaves can be printed with images, patterns or colours.

Features and benefits:

  • Removes all known ligature points.
  • Preserves privacy and dignity and enhances safety.
  • Creates a bright and personalized space.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_24_97 Wood doorsetsPrimary


L20/410 Wood doorsets

L20/55 Doorsets

Specification data - Wood doorsets

Product Reference

Symphony En-suite Doorset with timber frame

Opening width

Up to 750 mm

Insert drawing/ reference.

Up to 1000 mm

Insert drawing/ reference.


Insert image/ graphics requirement from standard range.

Reset mechanism

Staff only reset using Lifeline key


Unrestricted reset

Standard product features


Double leaf, unidirectional with 'return to close' function. Can open 180° in either direction.


  • Type: Symphony hardwood timber frame.
  • Finish: Factory primed, finished by others on site.

Door leaf finish:

Polypropylene, 1.2 mm single ply.


En-suite magnetic load release pivot system.


Built in 'return to close' function.

Fire rating:

Materials will self-extinguish after 10 seconds.

Product Options

Reset mechanism:

- Staff only reset using Lifeline key:

Staff only reset for door leaf (when they come off) to avoid ligature learning and inform clinical risk assessments.

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