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Swing Gate Automation
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Swing Gate Automation

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Twist 200 E


Swing gate operators.

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Suitable for residential properties and industrial/ commercial applications.


Rugged, long-lasting, maintenance free swing gate operators . A gate leaf weight of up to 1100 kg or a gate leaf width of 7 m can be installed on the right or left gate leaf.

Available in various configurations:

Twist 200 E:

With its compact design, the twist 200 E can be universally used: for gates opening to the left or right, in one or two operation. The controlled soft run reduces speed at the end positions, avoiding wear and tear on gate and operator.

Twist 200 EL:

The longer travel length of 550 mm ensures the highest installation flexibility even if the posts are wide.

Twist 350:

Can be used anywhere: for gates opening to the left or right, in one or two operation.

Twist AM:

For use with gates with particularly large posts.

Twist UG:

For use with swing gates where operator must be concealed.

Twist 350 Rapido:

A faster moving variation of the Twist 350. Change: Twist UG: For use with swing gates where the operator must be concealed under ground.

Twist XL:

Super-strength swing gate operator for oversized gates, can be used anywhere for right and left stops as well as in one and two leaf operation.

General information

Specification data - Hinged and swing gate automation mechanisms

Performance requirements

Weight of gate leaf 300 kg.

Opening gear


Electrical supply


Power rating

50–60 Hz.

Rated frequency.

Rated operational voltage (Ue)

Motor voltage.

24 V DC.

Control units


Device acceptance

Operator and control unit.



Ingress protection (minimum)

IP44 / IP65.

Operator / control unit.


Not required.

Access systems.

ENTRApin+ keypad or ENTRAsys FD / GD fingerprint scanner or key switch.


Induction loop or motion detection (PIR) options.

Battery pack.

Supplies energy to the gate operator for up to 12 hours.

Edge protection.

Both passive and active edge systems.

Electric lock.

Light barrier.

One-way and two-way photocells.


Memory expansion.

Warning light.

Rotating beacon, LED warning lights or traffic light control.

Special order.

Insert requirements, consult manufacturer for information.

Product Reference

Twist 200 E

  • Twist operators can be fitted either to the left or right gate wing, creating a seamless combination.
  • Suitable for outwards-opening gates.
  • Fast installation and easy electrical connection.
  • User-friendly control with numerous settings configurations.
  • Improved accident prevention by means of electronically regulated force measurement with Dynamic Power System (DPS).
  • Self-locking, without additional electric lock up to 1.5 m.
  • Operator is easy to release manually in any position, e.g. in the event of a power failure.
  • Includes a stainless-steel precision spindle and drive shaft.
  • Rust-proof housing constructed from aluminium and fibre-glass reinforced, weather-resistant plastic.
  • Maintenance-free operator with long service life.
  • Optional safety facilities can be integrated, e.g. warning light, light barrier or electric lock.

Gate configuration

Single left leaf.

Single right leaf.

Double leaf.

Radio system

Somloq Rollingcode.

  • Protected against code scanning, preventing misuse by non-authorised persons.
  • The procedure of frequency modulation (FM) used is less susceptible to malfunctions and increases transmission security.
  • The receiver is able to differentiate the radio signal of its 'own' transmitter from other radio signals and securely receive it.


  • SOMloq2 radio control system offers maximum protection against hackers due to 128-bit AES encryption with Rolling code.
  • The auto-repeat function ensures convenient opening while approaching the building. The output radio signal repeats in a certain cycle to enable optimal availability.
  • With the innovative hop function, the range is extended, as radio signals are forwarded from SOMloq2 receivers.
  • Transmitters with SOMloq2 are backward compatible with the Somloq Rolling code radio control system, making it possible to control existing operators and radio receivers.


Opening angle.



Travel length (per operator).

390 mm.


-30 — +70°C.


Not required.

Power supply

220–240 V AC.


Leaf width.

2.5 m.