SuperLag Technowrap 2

High performance acoustic lagging comprising a heavy polymeric mass barrier bonded to an isolating layer of mineral fibre lamella, with reinforced aluminium foil to each face. The mineral fibre lamella resist compression on curves, maintaining a consistent thickness and ensuring optimum performance.

Specification data

Product Reference

SuperLag Technowrap 2



5 kg/m² mass barrier.


10 kg/m² mass barrier.

Isolation layer thickness

25 mm

50 mm

Sheet size

1000 x 1000 mm

2000 x 1000 mm

___ x ___ mm

Other sizes available on request.

Standard product features


SuperLag Technowrap 2 is composed of four layers:

  • Inner face: Class 0, reinforced aluminium foil.
  • Isolation layer: Mineral fibre lamella mat.
  • Barrier mass layer: Polymeric acoustic barrier.
  • Outer face: Class 0, reinforced aluminium foil.


  • Service temperature: -30–230ºC.
  • Chemical resistance: Oils, water, most solvents.
  • Fire resistance: Class 0.
  • Thermal conductivity (at 10ºC): 0.039 W/mK.

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