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NorDan products are suitable across a wide range of sectors such as the private rental sector, off-site manufacturing, student accommodation, high rise tower blocks, affordable housing, private housebuilders/ developers, residential, coastal areas/ coastline and more.


The NorDan three handled tilt and turn window tilts for everyday ventilation and turns to allow access to the outside glass for easy cleaning safely from inside. The window has three handles and seven solid locking points.

Features and benefits:

  • UKAS approved , PEFC and FSC chain of custody certification.
  • Secured by Design standard.
  • Windows tested to BS 6375-1 and BS 6375-2.
  • Acoustic performance rating of 37 dB Rw.
  • 60-year timber service life with NP3 classification tested to BE EN 599-1.
  • Vacuum impregnated timber treatment process to BS EN 351-1.
  • Ventilator: Products can be fitted with an adjustable, draught proof ventilator providing specified equivalent area on request.
  • Aluminium cladding – designed to stand off 6 mm from the face of the timber to promote self-ventilation and drainage.

General information




Specified to RAL or NCS colour systems with other alternatives available upon request.




Top coat, Akzo Nobel Winflex T635 finish.


GSB Sea proof plus Class Master/Premium certification – Architectural powder coating to EN 122061, with a gloss level of 30% matt as standard.


SAT FOX vertical system with AC pre-treatment process



Slow grown Northern European Redwood, in accordance with BS EN 9423.


Produced using recycled material , low carbon aluminium, low maintenance.


Ten year

Ironmongery and sealed glazing units: Ten years.

Wood frame: 20 year warranty against rot and decay.

Wood frame with aluminium cladding: 30 year warranty against rot and decay.

All subject to correct installation and maintenance procedures.


To suit project requirements.


Pr_30_59_98_96 Wood window unitsPrimary


L10/10 Wood windows

L10/210 Wood windows

Specification data - Wood window units

Third-party certification

BBA approved. PEFC and FSC Chain of Custody Certification. UKAS Approved.

Dimensions and configurations

Insert requirements to suit project.

Product performance


Weather performance


UK exposure category

1200 Pa.

Air permeability

To EN 12207, class 4.

600 Pa.


To EN 12208, Class E1500 - 1500 Pa.

600 Pa.

Resistance to wind load

To EN 12210, Class CE2400 - 2400 Pa.

1200 Pa.



Acoustic performance rating

37 dB Rw.

Minimum as standard.



Whole window U-value

1.2 W/m²K.

StormGuard (92 mm) and StormGuard (100 mm).

0.9 W/m²K.

StormGuard (105 mm) and StormGuard (113 mm).

0.8 W/m²K.

StormGuard NTP (105 mm) and StormGuard NTP (113 mm).



Wood species

European redwood.

Finish as delivered

Akzo Nobel Winflex T635 water-based micro porous opaque paint finish to specified RAL colour.

Preservative treatment to wood components

Vacuum impregnated using Protim P-VAC11 preservative to EN 351-1:2007.



Adjustable draught proof ventilator.

Glazing or infill



26 mm thick sealed double-glazing units.

With warm-edge spacer bars - StormGuard (92 mm) and StormGuard (100 mm).

44 mm thick sealed triple-glazing units.

StormGuard (105 mm), StormGuard (113 mm), StormGuard NTP (105 mm) and StormGuard NTP (113 mm).


Proprietary 3 handle system.





Tilt/ open inwards.

Product Reference

StormGuard (92 mm)

StormGuard (100 mm)

StormGuard (105 mm EI30)

StormGuard (113 mm EI30)

StormGuard NTP (105 mm)

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