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StoRend Fibre System

Sto Ltd

A render system for application onto masonry substrates comprising a fibre modified levelling coat in conjunction with a wide range of low maintenance facade finishes offering exceptional levels of weather protection.

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The StoRend Fibre system offers enhanced levels of crack resistance when compared to traditional renders and can be finished with a range of Sto render finishes, StoBrick, Sto-Resin Brick Slips, Sto-Ecoshapes or enhanced with StoDeco Profiles or StoDeco Rustications. Sto through coloured render finishes are available in a variety of textures and grain sizes, and up to 1100 colours from the StoColor system and StoDesign Architectural Colour Range.

General information
Specification data - Multicoat render systems
Product Reference

StoRend Fibre

Substrate -

Common or facing brickwork


Concrete blockwork


Substrate preparation

StoPrim Fungal

Disinfectant for treatment of algae/ fungal growth.

StoPrim Micro

Deep penetrating, adhesion promoting, surface consolidating, absorption regulating primer typically suited to application in large areas.

StoPlex W

Adhesion promoting, surface consolidating, absorption regulating primer suited to application in small to medium areas.

StoPrep Contact

Bonding bridge for use on surfaces that are smooth and/ or of very low absorption.

Levelling coat -

StoLevell Reno fibre-reinforced intermediate render

Number of coats



Overall thickness

See 'Options' below and insert requirements.

Intermediate coat


Decorative finish render -

Stolit Effect

Acrylic resin bound render finish used to achieve special render effects.

Stolit K

Acrylic resin bound render with stippled texture.

Stolit Milano

Acrylic resin bound render finish with fine grain used either alone or with Stolit K/ Stolit Effect to achieve special render effects.

Stolit MP

Acrylic resin bound render with rustic texture.

Stolit R

Acrylic resin bound render with rilled texture.

StoLotusan K

Super-hydrophobic render finish with stippled texture and Lotus Effect.

StoLotusan MP

Super-hydrophobic render finish with rustic texture and Lotus Effect.

StoSilco K

Silicone resin bound hydrophobic render with stippled texture.

StoSilco MP

Silicone resin bound hydrophobic render with rustic texture.

StoSilco R

Silicone resin bound hydrophobic render with rilled texture.

StoSuperlit K

Acrylic bound render finish with exposed natural stone aggregate.

Colour/ Aggregate

See 'Options' and insert requirement.



Sto-Bellcast Bead PVC-U

Sto-Stop Bead PVC-U

Sto-Corner Bead PVC-U

Sto-Movement Joint Bead PVC-U

Product Options


- Preparation:

  • StoPrim Fungal: Fungicidal wash used where algae or fungus are present.
  • StoPrim Micro: Deeply penetrating, siloxane based primer supplied as a concentrate for dilution with clean water, which forms a water-repellent layer in the substrate and reduces the absorbency of porous surfaces and aids surface consolidation.
  • StoPlex W: Siloxane modified all-purpose primer on an acrylate base used to promote adhesion and regulate absorbency of porous surfaces.
  • StoPrep Contact: Acrylic based adhesion intermediary for siliconized bricks, ceramic tiles or other smooth or low absorbency backgrounds.

Levelling coat:

- Overall thickness:

Minimum thickness: 4 mm. Thicknesses greater than 12 mm to be a multi-coat application. Can be applied up to 20 mm for localized repairs.

Intermediate coat:

Sto-Primer vapour-permeable paint coat.

Decorative finish render:

Render finishes are available in a range of up to 800 colours from the StoColor System and a further 300 colours from the Sto Architectural colours range.

Other finishes: StoBrick clay brick slips, Sto Resin Brick Slips, Sto-EcoShapes, StoDeco Profiles, StoDeco Rustications, plus other options may be used as an alternative to or in conjunction with render finishes - consult manufacturer for details.

- Colour/ Aggregate:

Refer to StoColor system and Sto Architectural colour range for colours. Consult manufacturer for details and samples.

  • Stolit: 1.5, 2, 3 and 6 mm grain size.
  • StoSilco and StoLotusan: 1.5, 2 and 3 mm grain size.
  • StoSuperlit: 2 mm grain size.

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