StoRend Fibre Plus System

StoRend Fibre Plus System

Sto Ltd

A render system for application onto masonry substrates comprising a fibre modified levelling coat and glass fibre reinforcing mesh, suitable to accept a wide range of low maintenance facade finishes offering exceptional levels of weather protection.

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The StoRend Fibre Plus system offers approximately 5 times the crack resistance of traditional renders and can be finished with a range of Sto render finishes, StoBrick, Sto-Resin Brick Slips, Sto-Ecoshapes or enhanced with StoDeco Profiles or StoDeco Rustications. Sto through coloured render finishes are available in a variety of textures and grain sizes, and up to 1100 colours from the StoColor system and StoDesign Architectural Colour Range.

The system is especially suitable for use on highly porous brick and aerated concrete substrates.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_45_70_55 Multicoat render systemsPrimary


M20/160 Proprietary cement gauged render

M20/19 Proprietary cement gauged render

Specification data - Multicoat render systems

Product Reference

StoRend Fibre Plus




Common or facing brickwork


Concrete blockwork


Substrate preparation

StoPrim Fungal

Disinfectant for treatment of algae/ fungus growth.

StoPrim Micro

Deep penetrating, adhesion promoting, surface consolidating, absorption regulating primer typically suited to application in large areas.

StoPlex W

Adhesion promoting, surface consolidating, absorption regulating primer suited to application in small to medium areas.

StoPrep Contact

Bonding bridge for use on surfaces that are smooth and / or of very low absorption.

Levelling coat



Sto-Levell Reno fibre-reinforced intermediate render

Number of coats



Reinforcing mesh

Sto Glass Fibre Reinforcing Mesh

Intermediate coat


Decorative finish render



Stolit Effect

Acrylic resin bound render finish used to achieve special render effects.

Stolit K

Acrylic resin bound render with stippled texture.

Stolit Milano

Acrylic resin bound render finish with fine grain used either alone or with Stolit K/ Stolit Effect to achieve special render effects.

Stolit MP

Acrylic resin bound render with rustic texture.

Stolit R

Acrylic resin bound render with rilled texture.

StoLotusan K

Super-hydrophobic render finish with stippled texture and Lotus Effect.

StoLotusan MP

Super-hydrophobic render finish with rustic texture and Lotus Effect.

StoSilco K

Silicone resin bound hydrophobic render with stippled texture.

StoSilco MP

Silicone resin bound hydrophobic render with rustic texture.

StoSilco R

Silicone resin bound hydrophobic render with rilled texture.

StoSuperlit K

Acrylic bound render finish with exposed natural stone aggregate.

Colour/ Aggregate

See 'Options' and insert requirement.



Sto-Bellcast Bead PVC-U

Sto-Stop Bead PVC-U

Sto-Movement Joint Bead PVC-U

Sto-PVC Mesh Angle Bead

For reinforcing 90° external angles.

Sto-Mesh Angle Flexibead Ideal

For reinforcing external angles.

Sto-Armour Angle

For reinforcing internal angles.

Sto-Seal Bead Standard

Combined render stop bead and reinforcing mesh for use at head/ reveal interfaces.

Product Options


- Preparation:

  • StoPrim Fungal: A fungicidal wash used where algae or fungus are present.
  • StoPrim Micro: Deeply penetrating, siloxane based primer supplied as a concentrate for dilution with clean water, which forms a water-repellent layer in the substrate and reduces the absorbency of porous surfaces and aids surface consolidation.
  • StoPlex W: Siloxane modified all-purpose primer on an acrylate base used to promote adhesion and regulate absorbency of porous surfaces.
  • StoPrep Contact: Acrylic based adhesion intermediary for siliconized bricks, ceramic tiles or other smooth or low absorbency backgrounds.

Levelling coat:

StoLevell Reno cement based, polymer modified, glass fibre reinforced levelling coat. Applied in thicknesses of 4 to 12 mm (above 12 mm, apply in multiple coats to achieve a smooth, level surface). Localized repairs can be carried out to a depth of 20 mm in one coat.

Intermediate coat:

Sto-Primer: Acrylic based vapour-permeable paint coat.

Decorative finish render:

Render finishes are available in a range of up to 800 colours from the StoColor System and a further 300 colours from the Sto Architectural colours range.

Other finishes: StoBrick clay brick slips, Sto Resin Brick Slips, Sto-EcoShapes, StoDeco Profiles, StoDeco Rustications, plus other options may be used as an alternative to or in conjunction with render finishes - consult manufacturer for details.

- Colour/ Aggregate:

Refer to StoColor system and Sto Architectural colour range for colours. Consult manufacturer for details and samples.

  • Stolit: 1.5, 2, 3 and 6 mm grain size.
  • StoSilco and StoLotusan: 1.5, 2 and 3 mm grain size.
  • StoSuperlit: 2 mm grain size.

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