Storage Heating Quantum - QM Range

Low output, adjustable heat source suitable for a huge range of applications, such as airing cupboards, shop windows and greenhouses. Includes one-year warranty.


  • Ultra-efficient heating system.
  • Dynamic storage capacity ‐ automatically adjusts to user requirements.
  • Infinitely controllable electronic heat output to precisely match user lifestyle.
  • Fan assisted heat output when required.
  • Attractive state‐of‐the‐art design - no deeper than a double wet radiator.
  • Chassis covers previous 'fixing marks' of all comparably sized traditional storage heaters and comes with adjustable feet position.

General information




580 x 730 x 185 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_70_60_36_88 Thermal storage heatersPrimary


T90/465 Radiators

T90/61 Radiators

Specification data - Thermal storage heaters

Product Reference


703 mm wide, 700 W output, 10.9 kWh maximum storage capacity.


865 mm wide, 1000 W output, 15.4 kWh maximum storage capacity.


1069 mm wide, 1250 W output, 19.3 kWh maximum storage capacity.


1069 mm wide, 1500 W output, 23.1 kWh maximum storage capacity.

Standard product features

Size (h x d):

730 x 185 mm.




Electronic user interface with LCD display offering room temperature setting, seven day programmer, installer settings, three pre‐set timer profiles.

Charge controller:

Automatic charge controller incorporates self-learning algorithms to optimize daily energy storage using multiple sensors to automatically adjust the charge taken based on past consumption and future programmed requirements.

Thermal cut-out:

Electromechanical limit thermostat (self-resetting). Electromechanical cut‐out (manual reset). Electromechanical over temperature thermostat for fan. Electromechanical over temperature limit thermostat for fan.

Storage core:

High density bonded magnetite energy cells.

Thermal insulation:

Microporous silica on front, rear top and ends, calcium silicate slab on base.

Battery backup:

3.3 V coin cell battery to backup real time clock. Battery life of >5 years.

Input rating:

  • QM070: 1560 W.
  • QM0100: 2200 W.
  • QM0125: 2760 W.
  • QM0150: 3300 W.


  • QM070: 83 kg.
  • QM0100: 107 kg.
  • QM0125: 135 kg.
  • QM0150: 155 kg.

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