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Sto-Silentyl offers an ideal acoustic solution in all situations where noise levels become irritating or disruptive. Formed of acoustic foam, the beauty of Sto-Silentyl is quite literally the flexibility it offers. Hung like wallpaper, Sto-Silentyl immediately reduces sound reverberation times achieving balanced, harmonious acoustics.

Where flexibility and speed of renovation are crucial, Sto-Silentyl offers an attractive, cost-effective solution, transforming a room into a tranquil environment. It is particularly effective within private-view cinemas, concert halls, lecture theatres and recording studios.

Sto-Silentyl may only be applied in dry buildings and must be protected from damp.

Specification data
Product Reference



Not required

00880-001 StoSilent Prim

4–6 m²/litre.

00749-008 StoSilent Contact

8–10 m²/kg per coat.

Finish coat

00227-002 StoSilent Color

White 15 litre pail 8–10 m²/kg per coat.

00227-007 StoSilent Color

Tinted 15 litre pail 8–10 m²/kg per coat.


Not required

04826-002 Butt joint connector

20 pack 2.5 m lengths.

04826-003 External corner profile

20 pack 2.5 m lengths.

04826-004 Stop profile

20 pack 2.5 m lengths.

Standard product features

Acoustic performance:

0.33 NRC; consult manufacturer for acoustic report data.

Pack/ Roll size:

0.95 x 12.5 m (11.875 m²).


10 mm.


StoSilent Contact adhesive.

Product Options

Finish coat:

StoColor System is available in 465 colours; consult manufacturer for details.