Stepover Walkway

VECTAWAY® crossover walkway enables workers to safely travel over conveyors, mechanical equipment, pipe runs, parapets, heating and ventilation ducts, rooftop structures and expansion joints. This equipment is available in 6 standard models with a stairway from 1 to 6 steps and a walkway of 1010 mm in length. The number of steps from both sides of the walkway can be different (eg. 2 and 4 steps). We do intitial design and customized manufacture to suit the walkway to various types of structures.

General information


Grey, black, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink


Non slip steps, counterweights devided in 2 with ergonomic handles, easy installation


Raw, anodized, powder coated colour upon request




756 x 2558 x 600 mm

1386 x 3692 x 600 mm

336 x 1801 x 600 mm

966 x 2936 x 600 mm

546 x 2180 x 600 mm

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Uniclass 2015

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