ST Flex Secure


ST Flex Secure offers an unparalleled level of security and meets the increasing demand of facility operators for a system that combines the convenience of an automatic sliding door with additional intruder and vandalism protection. It offers improved security and is approved for application as a standard sliding door in emergency exits and escape routes. Despite its elegant design, it provides maximum intruder and vandalism protection according to VDS (Association of German Property Insurers) resistance class WK2. In contrast to similar security systems, there are no visible barriers so that display windows remain transparent without any negative effect on their advertising space characteristics. The automatic sliding doors may now provide maximum security. A continuous floor guide rail at the bottom of the door and an operator-integrated anti-tamper protection avoid the possibility that the door is levered out.

Furthermore, a four-point hook locking device at the main closing edge, which automatically locks in position and lateral profiles that interlock while the door is closed bring security to a high level. In addition, the special burglary-protection glazing (made of sandwich glass) is adhered to the door profile with the aid of a special adhesive in order to make the door extremely resistant. The door’s security features do not affect the operation of the door system while opening or closing – so that facility operators may use the door in the usual way. Furthermore, the door may be equipped with any product from the comprehensive range of accessories. If requested, the product may be fitted with DIN 18650 compliant safety equipment – depending on the prevailing structural conditions and risk assessment.


  • ES200 microprocessor controlled, modular designed automatic sliding door operator.
  • Tested and certified to 1 000 000 operation cycles.
  • Burglar resistance certified to WK2.
  • Class P4 A glazing as per EN 356.
  • Four point locking device.
  • Full width floor guide.
  • Masonry or steel concrete adjacent fixing.
  • Night/ bank facility for first and last entrance.
  • Five position mode switch (off, automatic, partial opening, exit only and hold open).
  • 150 mm high drive unit encased in purpose designed extruded aluminium profile.

General information


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ES200 microprocessor controlled, modular designed automatic sliding door operator

Tested and certified to 1 000 000 operation cycles

Burglar resistance certified to WK2

Class P4 A glazing as per EN 356

Four point locking device

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Uniclass 2015

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L20/490 Automatic doors

Product range

Automatics / Sliding Doors

Specification data - Sliding folding doorsets

Product Reference

ST Flex Secure

FST Flex Secure


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Door leaves and screen finish

Aluminium profile coating

Polyester powder coating

Silver anodized


Jamb switch


Via access control

Wall switch

Emergency break glass

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Real time remote monitoring system

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Standard product features

Power failure/ fire alarm:

Monitored battery back-up system to automatically open the doors in the case of a power failure or upon a signal from the interfaced fire alarm system.

Locking facility:

DORMA Secure four point locking device – type 3 pivoting bolt lock with four swing bolts.

Product Options


- Clear passage width:

  • ST Flex Secure: 1000–2000 mm.
  • FST Flex Secure: 1000–3000 mm.

- Clear passage height:

  • ST Flex Secure: 2100–3100 mm.
  • FST Flex Secure: 2100–3100 mm.

- Door panel weight (maximum):

  • ST Flex Secure: 2 x 160 kg.
  • FST Flex Secure: 2 x 130 kg.


  • DORMA Prosecure Opti-Combi combined radar activation and threshold infrared safety sensor.
  • Hard wired or wireless wall switch actuation satin stainless steel, 150 x 150 mm.
  • Slimline jamb switch, satin stainless steel, 115 x 45 mm.
  • Link to access control (by others). DORMA require a normally open volt free contact momentarily closed on receipt of a valid signal from the access control system.

Safety devices:

  • Self-regulating safety system monitoring all door movements including closing force.
  • Auto reverse function if the doors make contact with an obstruction during the closing cycle (infrared threshold safety sensor).
  • Emergency break glass.
  • Rear edge safety.
  • Full height frameless pocket screens constructed from 10 mm toughened safety glass and patch fittings.
  • 900 mm high all glass solid infill safety barriers.
  • DORMA Prosecure Opti Scan Rear Edge Presence Sensors reducing the door to 'Low Energy Speed' upon activation.

Doors and screen work:

  • Door leaves and fixed side screens constructed from single or double glazed burglary resistant toughened or laminated P4 A glazing in fine framed profiles.
  • Aluminium profile coating.
  • Polyester powder coating.

Silver anodised.

Real time remote monitoring system:

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