Non-handed, mechanical door coordinators for pairs of doors with rebated meeting stiles, to ensure the correct sequence of door closing.

Coordinators feature integral telescopic shock absorber and adjusting screws for tolerance compensation when installed.

Can be used in conjunction with DORMA door closers and floor springs.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_36_59_22 Door coordinatorsPrimary


P21/18 Door coordinators

P21/481 Door coordinators

Specification data - Door coordinators

Product Reference

SR 390

Surface fixed to door frame.

SR 392, Size 1

Concealed in door frame; 1050 mm long; for door leaf width greater than 800 mm.

SR 392, Size 2

Concealed in door frame; 650 mm long; for door leaf width less than 800 mm.


To all single swing double doors with rebated meeting stiles and fitted with self closers

Surface finish

Silver plated

SR 390 only; for wood doors.


SR 390/ 392; for steel doors and wood doors.

Carry bar


Not required

Product Options

Carry bar:

If a double door is opened at the inactive leaf, the carry bar mounted on that leaf opens the active leaf far enough for the coordinator holding arm to achieve correct door closing sequence.