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Low and high bowl basin without tap hole and without overflow hole, 450 mm. Ceramic waste cover included. Suitable for countertop use.

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Square Low/ High Bowl Basin


7810B401-0016, matte white- 01

7810B403-0016, white- 03

7810B420-0016, matte taupe- 20

7810B450-0016, matte mink- 50

7810B483-0016, matte black- 83

7811B401-0016, matte white- 01

7811B403-0016, white- 03

7811B420-0016, matte taupe- 20

7811B450-0016, matte mink- 50

7811B483-0016, matte black- 83

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Size: 450 x 380 x 135 mm.
  • Tap/ Chainstay/ Overflow holes: no tap holes, without overflow.

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