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SpeedStile BP/BPW

  • Government buildings.
  • Banking and financial institutions.
  • Retail outlets.
  • Telecommunications and information technology sectors.
  • Leisure and education buildings.


Motorized sliding Bi-parting speed gate for internal installation. Available in a variety of finishes and ergonomic shapes, whilst also providing high performance and security.

Passage in one or both directions is electronically controlled. On receiving a signal from the access control system, or remote control, the wings open (normally closed [NC]). If an unauthorized person tries to tailgate or attempts to enter from the opposite direction, the in-built alarm system is activated. If within the pre-set timeout no passage has occurred, the lane will close and reset.

LED way-mode indicators are flush-mounted within the end leg, with illuminated symbols. LED red-green indicators (horizontal and vertical) are integrated into the walkway.

Features and benefits:

  • Wrong way direction/ intrusion attempt.
  • Prevents tailgating/ piggybacking attempts.
  • Leave aisle timeout.
  • Anti-crawling flap leaf barrier.
  • Safety force sensing.
  • Accurate presence sensing.
  • Infrared sensors technology.
  • Logic voltage: 24 V AC.
  • Voltage-free contact input for fire alarm fail state.
  • Fail-safe via battery back-up opening (option).
  • Wide walkway for wheelchair or easier access.
  • Accompanied wheelchair or child passage management.


  • Government buildings.
  • Banking and financial institutions.
  • Retail outlets.
  • Telecommunications and information technology sectors.
  • Leisure and education buildings.

General information


Cabinet plinth and inlay finish in 304 grade stainless steel, painted polyurethane lid and end legs, acrylic and stainless steel side panels.


304 Grade Stainless Steel / Metallic Grey Polyurethane / Glass


300 x 1932 x 950 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_34_88 Stainless steel half-height turnstilesPrimary


L20/495 Automatic revolving doors

Specification data - Stainless steel half-height turnstiles

Product Reference

SpeedStile BP DS Series


See 'Options' below and insert requirements or refer to drawing.

Colour/ Finish


Side panels

1080 - G10 gloss white

1080 - G14 gloss burnt orange

1080 - G201 gloss anthracite

1080 - G203 gloss red metallic

1080 - G47 gloss intense blue

1080 - G79 gloss light ivory

1080 - M12 matte black

1080 - M203 matte grey aluminium

1080 - M209 matte brown metallic

1080 - M211 matte charcoal metallic

1080 - SP10 satin pearl white

Lid and end legs inlay

1080-CF10 carbon fibre white

1080-CF12 carbon fibre black

1080-CF201 carbon fibre anthracite



Battery back-up

Card reader integration

Digital LCD counter

LED lighting effects

Remote control system

Standard product features

Overall height:

950 mm.

Cabinet size (h x l x w):

  • Standard short lane: 950 x 1448 x 300 mm.
  • Wide short lane: 950 x 1448 x 480 mm.


  • Standard short lane, side cabinet: 120 kg.
  • Standard short lane, centre cabinet: 145 kg.
  • Wide short lane, side cabinet: 145 kg.
  • Wide short lane, centre cabinet: 190 kg.


Steel frame construction with robust technopolymer shells and inlay to allow a vast selection of finishes and customization.

Technical characteristics:

  • Power supply: 230 VAC (50Hz). [345 VA in operation, 10 VA standby].
  • Operating temperature: 5–40°C. 95% no condensing relative humidity.
  • Flow rate (approximately): 20, 30 or 40 passages per minute, depending on type of access reader used (insertion, swipe or proximity).
  • Cabling and conduit: Through the ground.
  • Control board location: In master speedstile cabinet.
  • IP rating: IP20.
  • Noise level: <55 dB.
  • Mean cycle between failure (MCBF): 4 million cycles.
  • Mean time to repair (MTTR): <30 minutes.

Product Options


  • Standard passage width: 550 mm, and wide passage: 900 mm also available. Additionally available as combi – centre cabinet with narrow (550 mm) passage in one side and wide (900 mm) passage on the other side.
  • In order to create a lane, it is necessary to have one right and one left cabinet. To create more than one lane, use one or more centre or combi cabinets. Select cabinets according to the number of lanes and passage width desired, i.e. two-lane configuration comprising 1x LW, 1xCLW and 1xR cabinet. Consult manufacturer and literature for details.

Colour/ Finish:

The range includes applied film chrome mirror finishing for the cabinet plinth and applied film matte grey aluminium for the inlay, technopolymer sides pearl white gloss finishing, wings 15 mm clear acrylic.

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