Speed Gate/ Bifold Gate (sGate)
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Speed Gate/ Bifold Gate (sGate)

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Entrance control/ bi-folding speed gate.

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Suitable for industrial sites, car parks, apartment complexes and locations for heavy vehicles where opening speed and optimal security is essential.


This folding gate offers a combination of access control, safety, speed and operational reliability for locations with frequent vehicle movements requiring controlled access. Available in three design variations, each with its own specific application area.

sGate Trackless/ Bottom Guided/ Top Guided:

  • All three sGate design variations are based on the same robust and reliable platform. The drive columns, which carry the load of each gate leaf, measure 220 x 220 mm and are constructed of high strength S355 quality steel. This provides a stable base for the entire gate, even in more extreme conditions, such as windloads of up to 700 N/m² (Windclass 3). The drive units are positioned in the upper area of the columns, and a patented double driveshaft mechanism is used to transmit the force of the powerful engines to open and close each gate leaf. This provides an optimal force distribution ensuring very smooth and low-wear operation (maintenance friendly).
  • In addition, each gate leaf is equipped with heavy duty, mechanically constructed stainless steel hinges in any colour. This minimizes the wear on these components and increases the reliability and uninterrupted operation of the access solution. To ensure an absolutely smooth surface and a high overall appearance, every coated version of the sGate is provided with a double powder coating.
  • Developed to fully comply with the latest standards and guidelines on safety (EN 13241). It is also tested on windload according to NEN-EN12424. Every sGate is equipped with 10 safety edges (4x vertical and 6x horizontal) and two sets of photocells. As standard, each photocell set has its own channel, making it impossible for the photocells to influence each other, thereby guaranteeing a correct operation. When a safety edge touches an obstacle, or the photocell detects an object in the gate's path, the gate will immediately stop and reverse. Before the gate starts moving, the control system first checks the status of the safety edges and photocell(s) to ensure there are no faults. The gate can only be opened and closed in hold-to-run-mode. Additional safety devices such as loop detection, traffic lights, flashing lights, sirens and extra photocells are also available.

To obtain the desired functionality and appearance of your sGate, a large range of infills is available:

  • 25 x 25 mm or 30 x 30mm vertical square bars.
  • 26 mm vertical round bars.
  • Welded mesh/ Zenith.
  • Perforated sheets (with option to include logo or individual design).

sGate Trackless:

Suitable for use when unrestricted opening height is important and/ or when a track in the road is inconvenient and may be subject to contamination by the nature of the application (e.g. aggregate retailers and stockists, timber yards, waste handling centres) and the gate needs to integrate smoothly with the fence line. Also suitable for very wide passage openings (up to 8 metres).

sGate Bottom Guided:

Suitable for use when unrestricted opening height is important and/ or the gate is frequently used for heavy vehicles. The full concrete foundation covers the entire opening width of the gate. This allows easy integration within concrete slab works and reduces the risk of fracture caused by constant HGV passage and associated load transfer. The gate can also integrate smoothly with most fence lines.

sGate Top Guided:

Suitable for use when there is a specific height restriction (e.g. underground car parks) and/ or a need for completely sealing the access opening to prevent intruders climbing over the gate.

General information



Powder coating







Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_34_14 Carbon steel gatesPrimary


Pr_30_59_34_14 Loose laid gas retardant damp proofing


Q40/45 Gates

Q40/560 Steel

Q40/570 Gates

Specification data - Carbon steel gates Enhanced data




2000 mm.

2500 mm.

3000 mm.




Stainless steel.

Finish as delivered


Worked finish


Hot dip.

Powder coating.

160 μm thick; 80 buchholz hardness.

Product Options

Type/ Size:

  • Only certain heights and widths are compatible. Consult manufacturer for further details.

Third-party certification

DoC (EN 13241; EN-IEC 60335-1; EN 12453; EN 12445:2000; EN-IEC 60335-2-103), Wind class 2/ 3 (EN 12424), Machine directives (2006/42/EC), EMC directive (2004/108/EC), Construction Products Regulation (305/2011).

Product Reference

sGate Bottom Guided


RAL 6005 (moss green).

RAL 6009 (fir green).

RAL 7016 (anthracite grey).

RAL 9005 (jet black).

Special order.

Other colours are available, consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.


25 x 25 mm.

Standard. Vertical square bar.

26 mm round vertical bar.


30 x 30 mm.

Optional. Vertical square bar.

Perforated sheet.


Welded mesh.




Extra photocells.

Extra vehicle detection loops.

Flashing warning light for when gate leaf is moving.

Warning lights inside and/or outside.

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3000 mm.

3500 mm.

4000 mm.

4500 mm.

5000 mm.

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Powder coating


Two electric motors (230 V a.c., 16 A) built into columns.


1 m/s.

Open and close.


60 x 60 mm.


220 x 220 mm.

Column profile.


Bi-folding Speed Gate (Trackless)

Bi-folding Speed Gate (Trackless)

Bi-folding Speed Gate (Top guided)

Bi-folding Speed Gate (Top guided)

Bi-folding Speed Gate (Bottom-guided)

Bi-folding Speed Gate (Bottom-guided)

Bi-fold/Bi-folding Speed Gate (Trackless, Top and Bottom Guided)

Bi-fold/Bi-folding Speed Gate (Trackless, Top and Bottom Guided)

Third party certifications

  • Declaration of Performance (DoP): EN 13241

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