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A specialist liquid applied membrane offering a simple method for waterproofing building materials prior to tiling.

Can be used to protect most building surfaces from the effect of liquid and water vapour. Flexible enough to take up any movement encountered within the substrates to which it is applied. It also has the potential to bridge cracks of up to 2 mm.

General information
Specification data - Polyester resin waterproof coatings
Product Reference

Sovereign Watertite

Standard product features


Viscous liquid.


5 Kg.


4 m² per 5 Kg.




High stress points such as wall/floor junctions and joints must have Sovereign Flexi Tape embedded in the first coat of the membrane. Areas directly under shower enclosures should have Sovereign Scrim Sheet embedded into the coating. This is achieved by coating the area and bedding the tape/scrim into the wet coating. This should then be over coated with more of the Watertite.

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