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Sopro RAP 2 434 Renovation and Levelling Render


Wall surfaces in concrete, aerated concrete, pumice, clay, calcium-silicate and composite masonry applications. For the subsequent installation of ceramic, natural stone and cast stone coverings. Suitable for use in damp and wet spaces.

  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • For wall surfaces and ceilings.
  • Renovation and refurbishment.

Recommended sealants:

  • With Sopro PU-FD surface sealant or Sopro FDF flexible sealing compound: Ready for covering/ subsequent works after 24 hours (approximately, prior to waterproofing).
  • With Sopro cementitious sealing slurries: Ready for covering/ subsequent works after 6–8 hours (prior to waterproofing).


A sag-resistant, rapid-set cementitious render designed for manual and machine application to mineral substrates, both indoors and outdoors. Manufactured in accordance with EN 998-1.

Used for rendering, patching and smoothing wall surfaces. It is manufactured from Portland cement-based premixed dry mortar and general-purpose (GP) rendering mortar of strength class CS IV, containing selected mineral aggregate and special polymers.

Features and benefits:

  • High crystalline water binding properties.
  • Good workability and adhesion.
  • Allows early installation of coverings.
  • Ready to receive ceramic covering after six hours.
  • High sag resistance due to fibre reinforcement.
  • Maturing time: 3–5 minutes.
  • Low-chromate to Regulation (EC) No 1907/ 2006, Annex XVII.
  • CE marked.

General information


Pr_35_31_64_12 Cementitious rendersPrimary


M20/160 Proprietary cement gauged render

M20/19 Proprietary cement gauged render

Product range


Specification data - Cementitious renders Enhanced data



Single operation: 2–20 mm; Small area operation: Up to 40 mm.

Application temperature

5–25°C (substrate, air, material). Ideally, 23°C at 50% relative humidity.


1.6 kg/m² per mm coat thickness (approximately).



Reaction to fire class

Class A1, non-combustible.

Water absorption


Water vapour permeability

µ ≤ 76.

Adhesion strength

≥1.5 N/mm².


0.67 W/mK.

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