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Sonik Pivoting 52 Door Single

Sonik Pivoting 52 Door Single

Komfort Partitioning Ltd

Sonikdoors is a newly improved group which has been designed to focus on ease of installation and future product maintenance whilst ensuring high acoustic insulation is maintained.

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A stylish glazed door that can be integrated with all Komfort partitioning systems. The ready to hang double glazed hinged or pivoted door provides enhanced acoustic performance.

The Sonik door range is available with many configurations through improved profiles and ironmongery sets. There are three door profiles available, including 52 mm double glazed, 70mm double glazed and 70 mm single glazed. This flexibility in design provides better suitability for a wide range of designer specifications.

Features and benefits:

  • 44 mm-thick double glazed door.
  • Integration with all Komfort partitioning systems.
  • Exceeds acoustic guidelines (British council for offices): Up to 38 dB (Rw).
  • Promotes better working environments due to design aesthetics and acoustic performance.
  • Available up to 3 m in height.
  • Fast installation.
  • Multiple ironmongery options including intelligent wireless access control systems available.

General information


As drawing

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As schedule

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Multiple door options available, ease of installation, multiple thicknesses available


Powder coated finish


Glass, aluminium

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_23_32 Frameless glass door leavesPrimary


L20/280 Doors

L20/45 Doors

L20/460 Frameless glass doors

Specification data - Frameless glass door leaves

Product Reference

Sonik Hinged

Up to 3 m in height.

Sonik Pivoted

Up to 2.7 m in height.


Single leaf

Double leaf


As drawing

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As schedule

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Insert requirement, consult Komfort for details.

Deflection heads



Not required


Deflection tolerance

Not applicable

±15 mm

±25 mm


720 manet handles

1240 manet handles

1760 manet handles

Cranked handle

Regular handle

Salto handle


Access control

For use with Salto handle.

CX lock and backbox

For use with Regular handle.

CXMLOCK mortice lock

For use with D handles and manet handles.

DA51 mortice lock

For use with D handles and manet handles.

DA50 sash lock

For use with Cranked handle.

Door closer

Not required



Up to 40 dB (Rw); insert requirements.

Standard product features

Structural rating:

Up to severe duty.

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- 1 2.1
Revit 2017 1 2.1
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