Solo™ Square

Suitable for use in buildings where the room volume could be maintained, or as an option when 'thermally activated building system (TABS)' is selected as a cooling system.


Ecophon Solo Square is an acoustic solution, primarily when it is not possible to install a wall-to-wall ceiling. The product is suitable in buildings where the room volume could be maintained, or as an option when 'thermally activated building system (TABS)' is selected as a cooling system.

Solo Square is an unframed, free-hanging unit, offering a high degree of design possibilities – both regarding colours and suspension systems. The three different suspension systems are 'Adjustable wire hangers', 'One-point fixing' or 'Absorber brackets', in combination with the engineered connect absorber anchor (patent), which gives opportunities to create several layers and angles.

Features and benefits:

  • The panel is manufactured from high-density, third-generation glass wool.
  • Akutex™ FT surface on both sides.
  • The edges are straight-cut and painted.

General information







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Akutex FT

The surface allows almost 100% of the sound energy to penetrate into and be absorbed by the glass wool, providing optimum sound absorption. Painted edges.


High-density glass wool




1200 x 1200 mm

40 mm thickness.


Full warranty available upon request

Uniclass 2015

Ss_30_25_22_01 Acoustic baffle suspended ceiling systemsPrimary


K40/115 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling system

K45/120 Existing suspended ceiling system

K40/10 Suspended ceilings

K45/160 Board-suspended ceiling system alterations

K40/105 Suspended ceiling system

K45/12 Existing suspended ceiling system

K40/265 Infill units

Specification data - Acoustic baffle suspended ceiling systems Enhanced data

Ceiling support

Absorber bracket.

90 mm minimum overall depth.

Connect™ Adjustable wire hanger.

130 mm minimum overall depth.

One-point fixing.

500 mm minimum overall depth.

Support fasteners

Connect™ Absorber anchor.

Ceiling units

Acoustic high-density glass wool panels.

System accessories


Connect covering cup.


Product Reference

Solo™ Square


Cloudy Day.

Nearest NCS colour sample S 1500-N, 62% light reflectance.

Dark Diamond.

Nearest NCS colour sample S 9000-N, 4% light reflectance.

Eucalyptus Leaf.

Nearest NCS colour sample S 5010-B30G.

Fresh Clover.

Nearest NCS colour sample: S 3020-G40Y Light reflectance: 35%.

Goji Berry.

Nearest NCS colour sample S 3030-Y80R.

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6 kg per panel (approximate, including grid)

Indoor climate

Recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association. Certified as A+ by French VOC. Emission classification of building materials: M1

Moisture resistance

The tiles withstand a permanent ambient relative humidity (RH) of up to 70% at 25°C without sagging, warping or delaminating (EN 13964)

Fire safety

Complies with BS EN 13501-1, Class A2-s1, d0

Sound absorption

In accordance with EN ISO 354:2003


The ceiling system can withstand daily dusting and vacuum cleaning, and weekly wet-wiping

Environmental information

Contains Red List materials


Country of material origin


Embodied carbon

No performance declared

Recycled content


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