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A solar powered chain drive for electric opening and closing of roof windows and top or side hung windows (outwards opening). Operation via wireless control switching for daily natural ventilation. Only for internal installation.

Features and benefits:

  • Solar powered, no power supply or cable laying required.
  • Easy and fast installation, ideal for new builds and refurbishments.
  • Radio remote control transmission. Line of sight not required.
  • Frequency 868 MHz, Code hopping security system.
  • Flexible: Multiple drives can be operated from one remote control.
  • Energy saving, automatic 10 minute opening (programmable).
  • Comfortable, provides for variable opening.
  • For optimum charging, the angle of the solar panel should be 45 degrees from horizontal.
  • Guarantee for 12 months.
  • CE marked.

The charging efficiency of the solar panel will also be reduced if Solis is:

  • Not south facing.
  • Shaded.
  • Obstructions on glass e.g. rain, snow or dust.
  • Used through specialist glass (not recommended for glass with light transmittance of <55%.

If the window is equipped with a shutter or sun blind, this should be open during the day far enough to allow daylight to reach the solar panel. Not recommend for more than three operations a day over a prolonged period of time during the winter months (due to reduced solar power) and a maximum of five operations per day during other months.

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Solis Solar Chain Actuator





Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Power supply: Monocrystalline solar module, (2x) battery pack Ni-MH 4.8 V, 2000 mAh.
  • Push force: 200 N + 20 % cut-off reserve (temporary).
  • Pull force: 150 N (safety cut-off force).
  • Locking force: 1500 N (excluding bracket).
  • Stroke: 250 mm.
  • Lifetime: >10 000 double strokes (battery life dependent).
  • Operation cycle: 30% (with cycle time 10 minutes).
  • Drive housing: Zinc die cast aluminium.
  • Drive chain: Quenched and tempered steel.
  • Ingress protection rating: IP 50.
  • Radio frequency: 868.3MHz/ FSK.
  • Encryption: AES, 128 Bit.
  • Radio standard: ETSIEN300220.
  • Transmitting range up to 150 m (unobstructed).