Solex™ LINEAR Solar Shading

For interfacing with most primary structures, including window and curtain wall systems, steel work, Glulam, timber and masonry.


Aluminium external solar shading system available with a Z blade profile suitable for horizontal application only to the building external facade.

Features and benefits:

  • Provides a ‘continuous’ or ‘modular’ shading appearance.
  • Brackets are manufactured bespoke, dependent on project requirements.
  • For extended cantilever projections a strut bracing system is available for installation either above or below the horizontal rafter arm to reduce design service loads.
  • Design, manufacture and installation service is available; consult manufacturer for details.

Blade profiles:

  • Solid ‘Z’ shaped blade profiles inclined at 45° are fixed back to rafter support arms using the integrated ‘clip-LOK’ carrier railing system, to avoid the use of mechanical fixings and permit blade movement caused by expansion.
  • Extruded top cap sections are positioned over the rafter support arms as an aesthetic feature and for added security to the blade profiles under high wind loads and potential theft or vandalism.
  • Blades can span up to 2500 mm (when unsupported); thereafter mid-span rafter support arms are introduced to reduce deflection.


For interfacing with most primary structures, including window and curtain wall systems, steel work, Glulam, timber and masonry.

General information
Specification data - Projecting brise soleil systems

Product Reference

Solex™ LINEAR Solar Shading


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165 Z

Blade fixing

Double wing rafter support arms

Single wing rafter support arms





Aluminium alloy


Mild steel

Stainless steel


Anodized, colour

Insert requirement, any standard anodized colour.

Anodized, natural

To BS EN ISO 7599.

Polyester powder coated, RAL/ BS

To BS EN 12206-1; insert requirement, any standard RAL or BS code.

Tubular struts

Not required



Not required

Structural support system

See 'Options' below and insert requirements.

Standard product features

Profile geometry:


Product Options


  • Profile cut to suit project requirements; design can be altered to suit curtain walling, window systems and most primary structures.
  • Mild steel or stainless steel brackets are suitable for more significant structural loadings; consult manufacturer for details.

Tubular struts:

Diagonal struts can be introduced between the building structure and the shading system to add to the visual effect, or where larger cantilevers are specified to reduce the system service loads back to the building, particularly when connection to brickwork is required.

Support structure:

Solinear offers a design service to provide bespoke engineered solution to latest ISO/ BS standards and codes of practise; consult manufacturer for details.

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