Extruded aluminium solar protection louvres.

Features and benefits:

  • Allows sunlight to be regulated and achieves notable saving in interior refrigeration due to the creation of shaded zones that reduce the energy consumption in those areas.
  • Louvres available in different dimensions to adapt to various project types.
  • System available in three louvre types: Fixed, manually mobile and motorized.

General information


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Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_50_45_45 Louvre screen systemsPrimary


H11/130 Sun screens

Specification data - Louvre screen systems

Product Reference

Solar Protection Louvres


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Blade width

120 mm

1.25 mm profile thickness.

145 mm

1.35 mm profile thickness.

190 mm

1.7 mm profile thickness.

250 mm

1.9 mm profile thickness.

300 mm

2 mm profile thickness.

400 mm

2.5 mm profile thickness.


Fixed, 0° to the horizontal

Fixed, 15° to the horizontal

Fixed, 30° to the horizontal

Fixed, 45° to the horizontal

Manually mobile

Available up 190 mm blade width.






Polyester powder coated

Insert requirement, wood effect, anti-bacterial and coloured (RAL, mottled and rough) coatings available.


Insert requirement or insert 'Not applicable' for Anodized.

Standard product features

Wind resistance (to BS EN 13659):

Class 6 (maximum).

Based on louvres of length 1.80 m (120 mm), 2.2 m (145 mm), 2.5 m (190 mm), 3.0 m (250 mm), 3.5 m (300 mm) and 4.2 m (400 mm).

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