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Snowcem Cemprover


As a primer for Snowcem Pus Masonry paint, Snowcem Cemprover

is diluted 1:1 with clean water and mechanically mixed

until uniform in appearance. Apply by brushing

onto the surface of untreated concrete, smooth faced

brickwork or previously painted surfaces.

Coverage rates are indicated in the table provided in this



An aqueous liquid primer used when applying mineral based paints on non-absorbent surfaces, and other difficult surfaces including bricks with sulfates, distemper, lime-wash and smooth-faced bricks. Snowcem Cemprover, which is dlituted 1:1 with clean water for use, is a stablized acrylic emulsion polymer with an antifoaming agent.

Features and benefits:

  • The primer overcomes the need for mechanical keying of surfaces prior to the application of render or mineral based paint.
  • Also overcomes the need to remove surface laitance on concrete surfaces prior to cement rendering or applying mineral based paint.
  • The product prevents coating failure when applying mineral based paint to masonry with high sulfate content.
  • Improves surfaces with nonpeeling distemper or lime-wash on sound substrates prior to applying mineral based paint. Such existing coatings should be removed as much as practically possible, however. Two coats of Cemprover mix are recommended for such applications.
  • Hardens lime plaster which can otherwise soften when applying water-based finishes.
  • The product is eco-friendly with low VOCs and no lead, chromium or mercury content.

General information



Milky white




Acrylic emulsion




5 L

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_66_67 Primer-sealersPrimary


M60/14 Eggshell/ satin paint

M60/12 Gloss paint

M60/150 Eggshell/ satin paint

M60/110 Emulsion paint

M60/130 Gloss paint

M60/10 Emulsion paint

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Snowcem Cemprover

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Contains Red List materials


Country of material origin

United Kingdom

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United Kingdom